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15 Crore allotted for setting up two solar plants in Ghaziabad


Ghaziabad Development authority (GDA) has been sanctioned Rs. 15 Crore for setting up two solar plants in the city.

The amount was sanctioned during the infrastructure funds meeting held in Meerut on Thursday.

The first major solar pant will come up at City Forest at Karhera near river Hindon and will be able to generate over one mw power, which the authority plants to supply over nearly 100 acres near Hindon.

“We have more than one acre which is not in use at present at City Forest. We will set up the solar plant there and come up with solar farming project. Tender will be floated soon for setting up the plant that will come up in six months. This energy will be transferred to the grind under the concept of net metering”, said AK Gupta, chief engineer, GDA.

Under the net metering system, households and establishments can get special connections from electricity department and can transfer their addition power, generated from rooftop solar plants, to the grid. The difference in the units of electricity consumed and the units of solar energy generated electricity transferred to the grid becomes net payable to the electrify department.


Under the second proposal, the authority has proposed installation of solar rooftop power plants atop its community centres across the city.

“At present, we have community centres in Vaishali, Rajendra Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Indirapuram, Pratap Vihar and more are coming up in areas such as Brij Vihar. The power demand of the community centres will be met by the solar energy and it will save the cost of electricity bills.

 The projects are envisaged under the state government’s policy for installation of solar plants”, Gupta said.

Earlier in April, the authority followed a government order that makes it mandatory for top solar photovoltaic plants in offices, housing and commercial complexes that are 5,000 sqm and more in areas.

Earlier, the authority installed solar panels at its multilevel parking lot near the Vaishali Metro station. The panels generate nearly 40 kw power from nearly 150 solar panels.