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Lanco Hills releases two Towers as part of its phased development​

Lanco Hills

Lanco Hills, located at Manikonda, Hyderabad on Wednesday released 2 towers as a part of its phased development. According to a company release, the towers offer the latest amenities and is in close proximity to the best schools, banks, hospitals and the developing IT corridor and the financial district.

Towers 8, 16 are amongst the tallest residential towers in the twin cities and draw an appealing colour palette with a spectrum finish.

The towers with refined floor plans at Lanco Hills offer spacious 3 bedroom apartments with an area ranging from 2081 sq ft to 2116 sq ft in tower 8, with four flats on each floor. The tower has 26 floors. Tower 16 has 32 floors, with bigger and more luxurious spaces available in the sizes ranging from 2765 sq ft to 2795 sq ft, with four flats on each floor.

Venkata Rama Reddy, Chief Operating Officer said Lanco Hills said, “At Lanco Hills the customers can experience an enriching life and enjoy unmatched comfort and facilities. With convenient access to homes, premium office spaces, entertainment, hotels, leisure and shopping at one place. Lanco Hills new towers offer breathtaking vistas, landscaped gardens and high-rise living combined to create an experience that is unique and spectacular. Moreover, in both towers 8,16, the construction work is already completed and the finishing work is in progress.”

The company release also mentions a unique feature –“Lanco Hills Shopping Street”, a lane peppered with shops and boutiques amidst trees, pedestrian walkways with colourful awnings way-side snack counters and a coffee shop.