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Horoscopes of November- December 2015

Bejan Daruwalla


Finances are in focus – particularly in buying, selling, brokerage and trade-related activities. Also loans, contracts, tenders. But expenses, perhaps, taxes will be rather heavy. This may also be because of a fair amount of entertaining. Ganesha says, there’s a playful quality to the year and you’ll enjoy out for some fun. Do some gardening. Have a backyard barbecue. Take a child on a day trip. Enjoy sports, or visit the seashore.


You will be suffused and overpowered with love also patriotic love for your country. You will begoing around with your head in the clouds, full of fantasies and sentimentality. Taureans are known to bed reamy to the point of being reckless. So it’s good to keep your feet firmly on the ground. The moon lights up your private sector and brings secrets to light. Keep private what you want to stay that way. Don’t make promises. Do what you must to promote better health.



You will be extremely work-oriented. If in Government service or in the corporate world, there are great chances of a move up the ladder. Health will, however, pose a few problems, now and in the coming weeks, too. Ganesha advises you that since Geminis are often delicate and also neglectful so, CARE IS MUST. Matters of the heart strike a serious note. Don’t obsess or tread where you shouldn’t. Avoid argumentative people on the job. If a health concern is on your mind, lt’s time to make a plan.


You will extend yourself in many directions. Primarily work but also wining and dining, entertaining and interfacing with people. You will display much charm and sensitivity in all you say and do. Once again, I must point out that health care is a must. Cancer is a sign that does not provide much stamina. The fantasy pull is strong. Not everyone is facing up to reality. Health and job, issues can bring on some stress. Opinions can widely differ. Don’t expect perfection. Caution is theway!


Mars and Venus and the moon connect beautifully to endow you with money and force and the comforts of home. It’s an ideal time to be out going and extroverted, pleasing others as well as yourself. Those connected with art, or earning by it will prosper. Work satisfaction will be coupled with good money. It sounds a good deal, doesn’t it? Something that seems so right brings feelings of self-satisfaction.You’re in charge. Sell your ideas and folks will listen. A domestic situation or home life in general feels very comfortable.



You will have much to do with dependents (even pets and servants),colleagues, projects and the work front in general. This is a definite trend for the month. However, work will be coupled with plenty of fun, so you will work and play equally successfully. It’s kind of Ganesha, isn’t it? Work and business affairs proceed smoothly. A partner has an idea that doesn’tworkfor you atfirst. Think it over. The year has nice romance potential. A social evening at home is fine.


You will be in an emotional treadmill. Journeys and contacts are important, along with collaborations, import-export, higher studies abroad or negotiations with foreigners. A wedding, engagement, love affair is also likely. A notable quarter for the multitude of possibilities it offers. I forgot to add social service and care for others on this list! A creative touch in your work is noticed. A party is fun. Some will be just as happy with only one special person. Conversation reveals important ideas. A little self-indulgence is okay.



The moon energises the human relationship angle. The trend for engagemenVmarriage becomes stronger now. Also, much more interfacing with the public, and you cold gain much from this, if you do it with sincerity and canng. Ganesha says keep your nose to the grindstone and play it safe where business interests, career, and your reputation are concerned. You have a talent for seeing the big picture, butthe details need attention.


Buying, selling, trade, brokerage, will gave you much gain. Extra attention will be required for the home/office/shop. Also likely is the acquiring of a vehicle, or comfort and luxury goods that make for better living. You may even visit auctions and flea markets to pick up attractive bargains. You’re best off keeping a low profile. Be discreet, guard against someone who wants to blow your cover or ferret out a secret. Restrain that tendency to be blunt and upfront.

Saturn brings the world to your heart. Unions and separations will occur, and you may become a newsworthy person yourself. People from distant lands will play an important role in your life. Films and television may have openings for you. You have to cash in on the possibilities that lie before you once again. Your personal magnetism is amped up, making it possible to get what you want, as others fall prey to your charm. Watch out for someone who has his/her own agenda and plays on your vanity.



You will make that extra effort to get fame, recognition, glory. It’s going to be hard work (it’s never easy, believe me!). But you’ll get there in the end. Ganesha advises you, in modern American parlance, to step on the gas. With the Moon in Cancer you can further your position in the world by taking into account other people’s feelings, Charm and diplomacy count as much now as skill and talent. Take someone to lunch.


It’s a time to be alert and active enough to snatch the opportunities for advancement that come your way. Recognition and rewards, both here and abroad, are yours for the taking, and take them you will, in your present frame of mind. Finances and wealth will be important. There is a possibility of good news and interesting or surprising events, which help further your hopes and wishes. Much is learned now through friendly, social channels.

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