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51.3% respondents strongly believe offices as facilitators of meaningful social interaction, says a survey by 360 Realtors

In the latest survey by real estate agency, 360 Realtors, 51.3% of respondents strongly believe that offices will continue to facilitate meaningful social interaction in the times to come. 71.8% strongly believe that offices will be used to attract and retain talent, while a little less than 44% believe that offices will continue to symbolize the brand value of an organization. 

“Most of the organizations are now implementing back to office initiatives. Though hybrid work models, remote working and staggered workflow will continue, offices are reopening. In the new normal, offices will continue to consolidate their position as harbingers of productivity, facilitator of meaningful collaboration, and epitomes of organizational branding & identity. Meanwhile, there will be changes in the workflow management and layout designs to adjust to the new normal”, said Mr. Ankit Kansal, Founder and MD, 360 Realtors.

The research by 360 Realtors surveyed 797 respondents coming from a wide range of industries such as BFSI, IT, TMT, Manufacturing, Consumer & Lifestyle, etc. 24% of the respondents are from leadership profiles, while 54% are from the mid-levels. Respondents have been spread across major Indian cities. 

The research also mirrored a few other interesting viewpoints on the future of office real estate in India. 43.6% of respondents believed that the popularity of co-working spaces will increase significantly. Another 43.1% believed that the popularity of co-working will rise but moderately. 79.5% of the respondents believe that there will be thrust toward natural lighting and ventilation. 63.2% of respondents believe that there will be an increase in the use of air fresheners, sprays, etc. to improve the air quality.  

On being asked, which department will be the change champion, over 23% suggested Admin & HR. 18% indicated that the leadership will have to don the hat of the real change champion.