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69% of women prefer real estate as the preferred mode of investment in 2022


March 7, 2022:  In a recent survey conducted by NoBroker, 69% of women preferred to invest in property as against gold, SIPs/stocks and luxury fashion. Of total women respondents looking to buy homes, 27% declared investment their primary motivator, while 81% were looking to buy for end use. NoBroker’s annual real estate report (issued in December 2021) also mentioned that real estate is currently an end users’ market. According to a press release issued by the company, the platform has also witnessed a consistent spike in registration in number of women buyers over the years.

A majority of women who were looking to buy for investment purpose happen to be from Delhi-NCR and Bangalore while those looking to buy for end use were mostly from Mumbai and Chennai. The survey was conducted across Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune. Over 9000 women participated in the survey.

41% of those looking to buy for investment purpose also mentioned that they were looking to buy a property in city outskirts. The two years of pandemic and ensuing work from home situation had given city outskirts a great boost. Larger houses could be afforded at cheaper prices and this added to the popularity of the outskirts. 50% were eyeing to purchase within city limits while 9% mentioned that they were looking to purchase a property in their hometowns.

94% of women stated that they were looking to invest in residential properties while 6% also stated their preference for commercial properties.

73% of women were looking to purchase a property within the ticket size of Rs 40-75 lakhs. 20% were looking to buy a property between Rs 75 lakhs to 1 crore and 7% were looking for properties over Rs 1 crore. 1 and 2 BHKs were most popular choices.


63% of women prefer ready-to-move in properties whereas 37% preferred under construction. Highest percentage of women (56%) of those preferring ready to move in properties were from Bangalore.

Saurabh Garg

“Our latest survey shows real estate occupying a relevant space in the mindset of our women customers. Traditionally, the ratio has always been tilted in the favour of men. It’s heartening to see how the choice is becoming more unanimous with so many women participating in decisions pertaining to real estate”, said Saurabh Garg, cofounder and Chief Business Officer of

Women traditionally do not have home-buying as a key agenda in India as they mostly reside in their parent’s or spouse’s home. Although a lot of transition has happened over the past few years with more and more women becoming financially independent. But it can be said that for a lot of them since buying a home for family/end use is not a priority, maybe that is a reason why they are more keen on buying for investment purpose.

The pandemic has established real estate as the safest option for investment for all practical purposes. Other factors that contributed to this were rock bottom interest rates on home-loans and government initiatives.