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75F launches Network Operations Centre

Bengaluru, December 1, 2022: Building management solutions provider, 75F, has launched its Network Operations Centre (NOC) — an initiative by the customer delight department—towards ensuring better customer servicing, energy savings, and increased efficiency in commercial buildings with HVAC systems.

A press release issued by the company says that, the primary objective of the NOC is to continuously monitor if everything is working fine at the sites and to identify opportunities for energy savings. It also checks the real-time service dashboards for the call center to ensure a seamless customer experience. Further, the customer delight function comprises managed services that not only ensure delivery of committed energy savings but also provide valuable insights by constantly monitoring the sites, thus optimising the building’s energy efficiency.

Speaking about the NOC and the helpdesk, Mahesh Reddy, General Manager of Customer Delight, 75F India, said, “For a long time, businesses have been having trouble saving energy and getting a seamless service from their service providers. While the big players focus primarily on the energy savings part, we’ve also been ensuring a seamless customer experience at every touch point in the customer journey. 75F’s multiple servicing channels are integrated into a robust CRM system, which provides all the customer information and captures every interaction with the customer, whether it’s regarding tickets, proactive checks, or various customer engagements like customer onboarding, parts of training, meetings, etc. Now with NOC, with various alert systems in place, it would be easy for my team to monitor each site in real-time and identify and close any issues much faster”.