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ACC builds ‘Gratitude Villa’ made with sustainable materials, as part of its global “Houses of Tomorrow” initiative

Gratitude Villa

Mumbai, April 26, 2022: ACC Ltd. has launched Houses of Tomorrow (HOT) in India, a global initiative by Holcim. According to a press release issued by the company, this will make ACC the first Indian building materials manufacturer to measure and promote low CO2 emissions in the construction of independent family residences. The Houses of Tomorrow are sustainable, affordable, inclusive and replicable.

The initiative aims to build houses using innovative near zero CO₂ footprint building materials. The first project in India named ‘Gratitude Villa’ is located in Puducherry. The project uses materials, climate specific passive design, and smart construction methodologies to create a holistically sustainable house while enhancing the comfort of the residents.

‘Gratitude Villa’ is expected to reduce CO₂ emissions by 40% through use of materials such as ECOPact green concrete, ACC Suraksha cement, fly-ash bricks and low CO2 alternative to virgin steel reinforcements.

Sridhar Balakrishnan

Sridhar Balakrishnan, MD & CEO, ACC Limited, said, “Our parent company “Holcim” is spearheading the transition towards sustainable construction. The concept of “Houses of Tomorrow” was born out of this sustainability commitment. We are proud to introduce this initiative in India, which will help us continue inspiring future generations of home builders to adopt green products and sustainable solutions. We strongly believe that sustainability is for everyone in any location and at any price range through innovation and smart design”