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Amogh Lila Das, Maithili Thakur at Pacific Mall D21 for Janmashtmi celebrations

New Delhi: Indian Classical playback singer Maithili Thakur graced the Janmashtmi celebrationS held at Pacific Mall D21

Maithili Thakur crooned several popular Shri Krishna Bhajans, which filled the atmosphere with a devotional touch, reminding people of God’s omnipresence. 

Vice President of ISKON Dwarka Prabhu Amogh Lila Das also visited the mall to join in the Janmashtmi celebration. He narrated several leelas and incidents from Lord Krishna’s life and explained the profundity and bigger lessons people should learn from them.

Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Group, said, “We were exhilarated to host important guests like Prabhu Amogh Lila Das and Maithili Thakur, who completely took over the event with their commanding presence and superb singing and oratory skills. The entire event was a soul-pleasing spectacle for the audience, who danced, sang along, and inquisitively listened to various chronicles of Lord Krishna’s life and found their senses purified by it”.