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Anil Gupta’s book on entrepreneurship becomes instant hit


Anil GuptaTo encourage aspiring entrepreneurs dreaming to start a business of their own, Anil Gupta, Founder of Microtek, Okaya and Nasaka, has authored a book, ‘Mine the Millionaire in You’, which has become an instant success by achieving the bestseller status on Amazon.

In the book, Gupta has given his own life story of how he started his career at a salary of Rs 1,350 and went on to create multi-billion networth companies.

While he shares tools and techniques derived out of own experiences to write this book, he also explains what encouraged him to start his own business, the challenges he faced, how he created the challenges into opportunities and how he is heading a conglomerate today.

The book helps in managing business communication, material flow, money, purchase, production, sales, customer care and compliances effortlessly. It provides immense help in building a business, setting up teams and nurturing teamwork effectively through simple business management tools.

Gupta said, “The possibility of creating your own business becomes a reality as you read through this book and apply the proven techniques in your domain. All the knowledge and tools to organise your business effortlessly and manage it effectively are revealed in this book.”