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Aparna Enterprises Ltd. records 50% growth in FY18-19


30th April 2019, National: Aparna Enterprises Ltd., a leading firm in the building material industry recorded 50% growth in FY 18-19. The accelerated growth of the company is attributed to the continuous innovation in technology that has helped in increasing the production capacity as well as in the launch of new products across Vitero Tiles, Aparna Venster, Okotech, Aparna Unispace and Aparna RMC.

In the last financial year, the company made strategic investments and launched three RMC units in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions. The company also ventured into aluminium exteriors façade segment and strengthened its product portfolio in the luxury home fitting segment with introduction of Nolte Kitchen, Wardrobes & Beds. The growth was also backed by various government projects that the company won for tiles, ready mix concrete and uPVC category.

Mr. Ashwin Reddy, Managing Director, Aparna Enterprises Ltd. said “Despite massive investments in the last financial year, we have managed to do well and grow by 50% in our revenue. From the last five years, we have been growing at a CAGR of 30% Y-O-Y. This growth is a testament to our bullish business plans and the growing market opportunities. This year we further plan to strengthen our production capacity across product lines and focus more on government projects.

“Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are at the core of our business and increasing demand for our products both in private and public sector is a testament to that belief. In the last 1 year, production capacity of RMC rose from 0.882 million cu mt in FY 17-18 to 1.2 million cu mt in FY 18-19 and we are aiming for 1.44 million cu mt in FY 19-20. Similarly, we have produced 4.8 million Sq mtrs of tiles for various projects, which is a remarkable capacity to reach in two years of launch. The booming infrastructure of the country is a motivating factor for us to continue delivering world class materials to governments and real estate players who require these building materials.” Added, Ms. Aparna Reddy, Executive Director, Aparna Enterprises Ltd.

The company further plans to strengthen its dealership reach for Vitero and Aparna Venster this year and also start the production for Alteza Aluminium windows and doors under Aparna Craft Holdings in this quarter. The year ahead will also see introduction of new products across sub brands to address the evolving market trends and changing consumer demands.