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APL Apollo launches pre-galvanised steel tubes for coastal areas

Apollo Coastguards pic

Leading branded steel tubes manufacturer APL Apollo Tubes Limited) has launched ‘Apollo Coastguard’, a wide range of pre-galvanised steel tubes for exclusive use in roofing in coastal regions.

Built to last for generations, Apollo Coastguard possess excellent corrosion resistance characteristics due to their interior and exterior zinc coating making them 100 per cent rustproof even in marine environment, said a press release issued by the company.

Apollo Coastguard products are made of special pre-galvanized steel coil, which makes them corrosion resistant for use in coastal regions where moisture is a concern and it comes with uniform zinc coating as well as pleasing smooth surface, it said further. Apollo Coastguard is primarily used for the purpose of roofing structures providing protection from rains and sunlight and can last for generations.

Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo said, “APL Apollo remains committed to provide both strength and style to roofing, door frames as well as staircases encompassing all the modern-day structures for housing. Our products are a vital component in each area. Coming to Apollo Coastguard, thanks to its interior and exterior coating of zinc, the product can withstand atmospheric corrosion in marine environment to emerge an excellent choice for roofing in coastal areas.”