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Ashwin Sheth Group to invest ₹4500 cr+ in 3-5 years, unveils New Logo, Growth Vision

India, July 9, 2024: Ashwin Sheth Group announced its rebranding initiative to celebrate its 38 years of legacy, culminating in a 3x growth and planned entry into other key metros. The company also unveiled its new logo and vision.

Ashwin Sheth Group collaborated with chlorophyll, end-to-end brand consultancy firm, for the new brand identity. 

Ashwin Sheth, Chairman and Managing Director, Ashwin Sheth Group, commented “India’s real estate market has long been a key driver of economic growth, significantly contributing to the country’s GDP. As Mumbai leads the luxury market and the real estate industry experiences positive momentum, we decided this was the perfect time for us to move onto the next level. Our rebranding marks a significant milestone in our journey, reflecting our commitment to creating spaces that resonate deeply with our customers’ aspirations. With sales reaching ₹1486 in FY23-24 and maintaining a remarkable three-fold growth trajectory, our financial year 2023–24 has been exceptional. This is just the beginning. Looking ahead, we are focused on redefining urban living through innovation, sustainability, and expansive community-building. With the new vision and brand identity my team is calling it Ashwin Sheth 2.0”. 

Prabhakar Azad, Chief People and Process Officer, Ashwin Sheth Group, added, “Our commitment to employee centricity and our deeply ingrained values are the cornerstones of our company’s success. By integrating SAP, HONO, Smart APP, and SFDC, we are transforming our operational efficiencies to consistently exceed customer expectations moving towards being a tech-driven company. In FY23-24, Ashwin Sheth Group was recognized as one of the preferred companies for its pay cycle. We are devoted to attracting and hiring the industry’s top talent, ensuring our leadership team sets the benchmark in expertise and industry-leading business practices. We are also dedicated to fostering a world-class culture and offering exceptional growth opportunities for our outstanding talent, which will in turn help us scale greater heights.”

Bhavik Bhandari, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Ashwin Sheth Group, stated, “Driven by an insatiable passion for innovation, Ashwin Sheth Group redefines luxury through deep contextual understanding. As we embark on a future journey of expansion, Ashwin Sheth 2.0 signifies our dedication to providing not just homes but also an understanding of your desires, needs and aspirations. We are aggressively expanding in the Pan MMR region and we will be soon launching projects in Kandivali, Borivali, Sewree, Juhu, 7 Rasta, Marine Drive, Nepean Sea Road, Goregaon, Thane, Mulund, and Mazagaon. We will be soon foraying into cities like Bangalore, Pune, Delhi (NCR), Chennai, Hyderabad and Goa. Our focus remains on prime locations, meticulous planning, innovative design, and unparalleled quality. Our rebranding is more than a new identity; it marks our commitment to designing holistic lifestyles that reflect the essence of our customers. As we continue to innovate and grow, we are poised to deliver unmatched value and exceptional experiences, solidifying our position as market leaders in the real estate sector. As part of CMD’s vision and business expansion, the company plans to be among the top 10 leading real estate players in India in the next 4-5 years”. 

The company is also planning to look at new growth drivers including new land acquisitions at strategic locations. This will include Joint Ventures, Redevelopments and others.