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Balancing Water resources with Cosmic Vastu


Water is the second most vital component according to Vastu Shastra. Water assets are vital in each house and a large portion of the houses introduce tanks haphazardly in wherever heading according to ease. However water assets ought to have their own place and bearing where establishment of capacity water is viewed as perfect. Vastu lets some know perfect bearings to place water asset for better well-being, riches and thriving. On the off chance that water assets position is uncalled for then it can makes issues for tenants.

As indicated by Vastu Shastra, there are some set rules that ought to be followed after the development of water stockpiling in a building. The old sages had established these standards and it is viewed as a science or an expansion of design. As per Vastu Shastra, North-east is the most places for putting away unadulterated water asset.

There are a few conditions in which water must be set in different bearings according to the quality and utilization of water assets. Submerged tanks ought to be delved in North-east heading. Northeast is an essential spot in home which is held consecrated because of which it ought to be left empty however much as could be expected and that is the reason submerged tank is prescribed here.

One ought to stay away from any capacity of water asset towards North-west or South-east. Overhead tank ought to be introduced in South-west bearing simply because South-West is considered as most stacked corner of house where substantial things can be put to balance the energies. Overhead tank in this course adjust energies to bring well being, flourishing and all-round peace. Keep away from over-head tank in Northeast as it prompts superfluous costs and misfortunes. Vastu Shastra suggests a few standards for development of water sump in the building.

Under Ground Water Tank/Water Sum the best place for burrowing the sump is the North-east of the plot. This prompts increment in riches, flourishing and learning. While burrowing the sump, a hub ought to be drawn from the Northeast corner to South West corner. The sump ought to be burrowed to one side or left half of hub. The sump in East of Northeast is most useful and the sump in North of North-East is additionally great. Water sump ought not to be towards Southeast or Northwest. The sump in the Southwest is the most exceedingly awful. Maintain a strategic distance from water sump at the focal point of the house.


Overhead Water Tanks ought to be in the West or Southwest heading of the working as these are negative zones of the house. Because of water in the tank, it turns out to be substantial, makes a parity of energies in the house and ends up being to be helpful. Overhead tank in West bearing is additionally useful. Overhead tank ought not to be implicit the Northeast of building. The tank in Northeast course will make it overwhelming; which is a major Vastu deformity. It ought to not likewise be implicit the South-east as it might bring about loss of riches and has antagonistic impact on well being.

Tank can be implicit the Northwest of the house, however it ought to be little in size. Overhead Water Tank is bad at focus of house as it is an overwhelming structure and will make the middle substantial. Tank ought to be two feet above from the section. There ought not to be spillage in overhead tank as it can bring about outpouring of cash. Overhead tank ought not to be made of plastic. In the event that it is of plastic, it ought to be of dark or blue shading as these hues ingest sun beams which make positive vitality when retained in water. Overhead tanks are a vital element of a building or a house. The water that is put away in the well or the drag well must be pumped into the overhead tank, with the goal it should have the capacity to stream down into the house.

The Overhead Water Tank is put in the right range; it would prompt an expansion in riches and flourishing. The area of the overhead tank ought to be in the South West course, second choice is West heading.

The Overhead water tank ought to be no less than two feet over the highest chunk. The Overhead water tank ought to be free from any sogginess. The best wager would be to put the tank on a piece higher than the section of the building. In spite of the fact that Northeast corner has a place with the component – water; it is not prudent to have a major overhead tank in the range. This is on the grounds that the side ought not be overwhelming under any condition. Be that as it may, a little tank can be put. Overhead tank in the South-east corner is a terrible sign and results in loss of riches and mischances. The impact of overhead tank in the South bearing is of medium impact. Be that as it may, ensure that the tank is two feet over the section of the rooftop and ought not to spill.

Putting the tank in the West course can in like manner be considered as the bearing fits in with Lord Varuna (expert of deluges). In such a case, there is no need of an area and the tank can be worked over the piece as well. Refrain from putting the overhead tank in the North-west bearing. Nevertheless, if the tank is of somewhat size, less tallness and organized at a division of no under two feet from the North-west corner, it can be sensible. In any case, the water in the tank does not get used properly and finishes sooner than foreseen. Never put the overhead tank in the inside. Remember, this spot is known as the Brahma Sthana.


If there is weight on the Brahma, life of the general population living in the house would be unfeasible. One would detest staying in the house for a long time. Avoid overhead tanks made out of plastic; in any occasion guarantee it is blue or dim in shading, as darker shades hold sun rays.

The writer is a Vastu expert who holds Ph.D. in Vedic Astrology & Masters of Vedic Vastu. He can be contacted at +91-9310203939