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Beena Modi is taking forward KK Modi’s Vision of ‘Giving back to the society’ with their CSR initiatives


The US$1.5 billion Modi enterprises has come a long way from 1930s moving away from the traditional business of the family to a diverse conglomerate of businesses, which includes Agro, speciality and performance chemicals, tobacco, pan masala, mouth fresheners, confectionary, retail, education, cosmetic, entertainment, direct selling, fashion travel and gourmet restaurants.

The company remains strongly committed to improving the quality of life of people and communities it operates in through its various CSR programmes focussed on health care, education, skill development, sustainable livelihood, art and culture.

Bina ModiAccording to Dr Bina Modi, Chairperson, Modi enterprises however modern the governing structures of companies evolve into the fundamental values of care, empathy and family will always remain the corner stone for Modi Enterprises. She said “Since the early 1930s responsibility has always been an essential driving force for our family. The desire to give back to the society, and uplift those who have been with us in our journey has always been the cornerstone of our company. I am proud to carry this legacy forward”.

With Dr Bina Modi’ strategic guidance, CSR programs have been redefined at Modi Enterprises to ensure integration in corporate strategy and business sustainability . Each group company is using CSR as an effective channel to transform both business and community in a collaborative manner.

Godfrey Phillip and Indofil are looking at integrated rural development, health & sanitisation, safeguarding environmental and natural resources, while other companies are looking at quality and modern education for Children, empowering and engaging the youth and women, empowerment to ensure a secure future for generations.

Modicare Foundation, established by son Samir modi is actively extending the group’s philanthropy. Founded in 1996, Modicare Foundation’s core focus areas are empowerment of children, adolescents and women by developing a holistic approach towards education, life skills and leadership.


Some of the key Projects under Modicare Foundation are:


Provide comprehensive development opportunities to children, adolescents / young adults and their families. Over 1,500 children are directly benefitting while over 100,000 people are receiving services and support

Ambassadors of Change (AOC)

AOC is the Flagship programme since year 2000. It provides life skill education for in and out of school adolescents. The program has helped empower over 1.5 lakh adolescents and 130 institutions



Supported by Clinton Foundation, USA and program works as coordinating agency on the National Paediatric Program which linked HIV+ children with government ART centres. The program supported over 1000 affected families and provided HIV related counselling services to 11,000 people

Partners in Change

Provides training / capacity building on gender, sexual harassment at workplaces, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS. Support includes activities such as awareness generation through community based camps, forming internal committees, master trainers

Passionately committed to spread of education as the biggest force multiplier for modern economic development, Dr Bina Modi launched the philanthropic KK Modi university in Durg, Chhattisgarh. Run by daughter Charu Modi, today with its state of art educational facilities, renowned visionaries on the board, the university has also partnered with top international universities to bring in global best practices and mindset in to Indian educational system.


Other CSR Programmes and sustainability programmes include a Program for Tobacco Grading Women in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. About 650 women, engaged into tobacco leaf grading activity for cigarettes and tobacco exports in the village are direct beneficiaries of the program. The program was held over 3 tobacco grading units and 4 villages where majority of the women worker reside.  Edugundlapadu is now a model village with 100% open defecation free with toilets for all families, health camps, tree plantation, Community RO for safe water, child education and infrastructure of 2 primary school and Angaanwadi. This village was officially recognized by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Collector and District Magistrate on 26th January 2019. GPI also received the Greentech Foundation CSR 2020 Award for “Ensuring Environment Sustainability”

There is also a program for Burley Tobacco Farmers. The Burley tobacco producing farmers are important stakeholders of the Company and there is a direct impact on the business due to the various issues impacting the farmers.  CSR objectives are integrated with the Tobacco Leaf Division to facilitate stringent standards and expectations from farmers under the agriculture labor practices Initiatives. Since 2014 over 3,200 families in 60 villages have been directly impacted and 2 lakh population are enjoying the community initiatives like Water and soil conservation through farm ponds, water harvesting and desiltations, access to safe water with community RO, health camps and toilets. Also, Solar power and watershed program to deliver sustainable comprehensive development, An After School Program to eliminate child labour, Reducing debt through Farmers Development Societies (FDS) and support to farmers with curing sheds that help protect the crop are also some of the initiatives undertaken by GPI

“We intend to make a difference in people ‘s lives, along with our business operations in the region, we deeply believe in contributing and making a positive impact in the societies around us in which we serve.” said Dr Bina Modi. She hopes that caring for people will be considered as her prevailing legacy for time to come – a legacy of humanity-oriented decisions that ensure a win-win for all stakeholders, besides ensuring a strong bottomline.