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BLESSINGS OF GANESHA Predictions for December 2014


Ganesha says two strong trends start right now, and will prevail for several months, off and on. Your inheritance, ancestry,and your roots and matters to do with property will both be important, and could well be linked to each other. True spiritualism, joy in family interactions, a sense of commitment to the community and to society will be the guiding factors in all your actions. You will finalise the buying ofthe property this month

Taureans are known to be brilliant performers in the sphere of work and the sheer dedication that they are capable of takes some beating! You can go ahead and rent your property. However, it is not your job/profession that occupies your mind. You know that this area is maintaining steady progress. The ideas and innovations come, but these are not in work­ related spheres even though your thinking is precise and scientific in this phase. Love is felt deeply

You are in a mood to take risks, make bold decisions that will impact your progress in the future. A great sense of bravery will develop in you, the courage to not only stand by your convictions but take chances,most specially in your personal and emotional interactions. I suggest you to wait and then buy the commercial lproperty

You feel the need for real communication,which is deeper and more satisfying and will reach out to both old friends and new,as well as places that could give you what you need. Relations with the builder will also be stronger,and in turn,strengthen you.The focus is definitely on people-friendship and love will intriguing and complex and you will actively seek the company of kindred souls to share your emotions and feelings with

From decision-time, you move into hectic action-time. You will find that you really have a lot on your plate. Suddenly, all the spheres of activity will seem to be galvanized. Spirituality, family life,community and social welfare,mental challenges,emotional needs are what you now try to handle successfully-and succeed at. For buying the new home, a lot of effort and thought is necessary,of course


You’ve been both thinking hard and working even harder. Future plans may now be in place, after the moon phase. But you still need to sort out the required finances. Careful planning of the investments in the land,and of your own resources will both be necessary.You are strongly convinced that the old saying ‘Neither a lender or a borrower be’ holds true even today. You want to raise the money yourself,through your own efforts and work.

The efforts you’ve put into making your relationships work have helped you, too. You deal with the requirements of domestic life, office routineS/work/ property business in a contented and happy frame of mind. The deeper values and concerns that have developed are not neglected. In fact, they strengthen your spirit, and support your confidence, no matter what you’re dealing with

The daily round of work and recreation will be left behind. You will find that neither work nor recreation attracts or fulfils you. New values and concerns are far more vital. They will range from social and environmental causes,to prayer and religion, to philosophy and idealism. All the gains you wish to make are in these spheres. However, you are pragmatic enough to realize that there’s no getting away from one’s duties and responsibilities

You find yourself functioning at two definite levels.Almost all the activities of last month-domestic, social, work/office/business- continue at practically the same pace. But there is a twin theme. This will be that of spirituality,meditation,even prayer and contemplation.It is a strong force in your life. I suggest you to wait for the correct time in dealing with the buyer

You will now be so busy that the days (and nights too) will not seem long enough for you to cope. You will stretch yourself to the very limit so that you can get done all the things you have to do. Most important will be loved ones and family. There could also be legal matters, trusts, ancestral property, partnerships, ties,collaborations. As if these are not enough,there will also be heavy expenses,and you meet them with hard work


The tensions that could have been there in the past now lessen considerably. There will be an easy flow in your field of work, and you can see what hindrances there are for personal progress. There will be confidential, even secret matters, private, closed door meetings. It may even mean change or relocation in your office or home. The need for reorganization keeps you thinking

The build-up has been there, but now you will find yourself beset with troubles. Perhaps your mood of withdrawing from this world we live in was based on premonitions that things would get you down. This will be a difficult, tricky phase. And since it is in the moon phase,it could persist for some time, in one form or other. Your growing spiritual strengths will now be called into play,and you will make huge efforts to manage well. There will be huge expenses,major hurdles at work, betrayal or even being let down

Tuesday is the day for Aries to plan new projects, and it’s best during the daylight.
Friday is Taurus’ most fortunate day.
Gemini should plan things for Wednesday for favourable results.
Monday is the best day for Cancerians, associated with the moon.
Sunday is the day of the Sun, ruling all Leos, so this is their best day.
Virgo’s best days are Wednesday and Friday.
Friday is the favorable day for Libra.
Tuesday is the best day for Scorpio.
Saturday, associated with Saturn, is the best day for Capricorn.
Saturday is Aquarius’s best of the week also.
Thursday is best day for Pisces, but being so adaptable, Monday, Tuesday are good too.