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Bhutani Group signs up 2 co-working players for Alphathum, scouting for more: Ashish Bhutani


Bhutani Group’s marque project Alphathum located in Sector 90, Noida, has many USPs including one of the largest rooftop infinity pool in the world, says the Group’s CEO, Ashish Bhutani. Speaking exclusively to R&M TV, Bhutani informed that it’s project Alphathum is ready for fit-outs and tenants have already been offered to start their fit-outs work. “The minimum size starts with a seat of 67 square feet and the maximum goes up to 67,600 square feet, which is an entire floor”, said Bhutani. Elaborating more about the project, Bhutani said that the smallest size of 67 square feet space is offered in a co-working set up. “We already shook hands with 2 – OneCulture and CoCreate. We are looking for more good players in the co-working segment to come”, informed Bhutani.

Bhutani further added that the Group is giving all the money for furnishing and so, have a wide array of options. The Bhutani Group CEO further explained that people right now do not want to invest from their pocket on furnishing or interior cost, rather they want a plug and play option with a secure environment. He said Alphathum is Covid ready. “We are taking various steps to make people feel secure. If you are talking about individual offices, then it is not possible for them to do this now. It has to be a large place done by a developer”, concluded Bhutani.