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BJP leader demands allotment of 16,000 flats to slum dwellers

Slum dweller

Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Vijender Gupta on Friday met Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and demanded allotment of 16,000 flats constructed for resettlement of slum dwellers in Delhi.

According to media reports, Gupta said there are over 8,500 slum settlements in over 32 slum clusters in Delhi and inhabitants of these dwellings are waiting for their resettlement even though over 16,000 flats constructed for them are lying vacant for years.

“A total of 4,134 households living in the slums have even deposited a sum of about Rs 16.44 crore with Slum Department of Delhi Government for alternative accommodation yet they have not been allotted the flats constructed from them,” he quoted in the media.

He alleged Delhi Govt was doing great injustice to the slum dwellers who have deposited with great difficulties money through loans averaging Rs 70,000 per household.

Gupta added suspension of BJP MLA OP Sharma for the next two sessions of the Delhi Assembly will be registered as a “black day” in the history of the House.


“The session ending on Thursday became a symbol of running the house on the majority of Aam Aadmi Party MLAs and it will be recorded as a black day in the history of the Assembly,” he said.

He charged Kejriwal, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel with doing their best to “suppress” the voice of Opposition on the dint of a number of ruling AAP MLAs.

“The ruling party made it a point to expel OP Sharma from the House which they fulfilled by suspending him for two sessions,” he said.

Further, he alleged Opposition was not allowed to raise the public issues in the House with “interruptions” from ruling party MLAs.

“We raised calling attention motions which were not allowed. We raised five other issues which were disrupted due to continued disruption by ruling party MLAs” he said.