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Blessing of Ganesha : April, 2014


Aries : Ganesha says without a doubt, there is a lot of progress. You are moving ahead at breakneck speed. Along with the hard work, new gains and the money you make, you may also be excited by a new interest in religious and spiritual thought. You delve into spiritual matters much more than religious rituals and feel at peace and satisfaction with yourself. Ganesha is happy for you since you are having a good period for dealing in all the property matters. But you still manage to work hard and spend money on the good life.

Taurus : This is a period when stability reigns. You progress a lot too. There is balance and equilibrium in your life. The ball is rolling and you r affairs seem to run smoothly and without much effort. You are content with the fact that your life is working well. There is growth at many levels – in consciousness, in buying property, in your profession, in your social life, and in all personal matters.

Gemini : While everything is going well for you, this is not the time to sell you r office. You can use the good energies to examine your life and leverage the moment for greater impact. You can look at yourself, your work, your family and the world with reasonable calm and detachment. Your perspective is mature and reasonable and you can see through the labyrinths of life with crystal clear vision.

Leo :You are filled with new thoughts and make changes to your life. You may also get a bit morbid or melancholic but it is a passing phase and will not bog you down. There will be many surprises in store. Just go with the flow and trust in Ganesha. He will not let you down. You will be able to find a new customer for your home. You will also have the wisdom to understand it all as you have gone through the processes earlier. You make waves as you become a well rounded person.

Virgo : You will break free from the restrictions and obligations of the past. This need for newness in your life will be a powerful force and could change you from the inside out. In the end, you will enjoy all the processes that are ta king place in you r life. There is new freedom and you have to use it wisely. But, despite it all, you make the correct decisions. Your progress is unhindered as you move ahead on the fast track, with Ganesha’s blessings. This is not the correct time for dealing in land matters.


Cancer : The period becomes very intense now. There are new and profitable business transactions or negotiations. You expand your work arena and make huge gains. You will be able to get partners in the construction business that you are involved in. You will also need to be very flexible now. It will be a good idea not to hold on to circumstances, possessions and relationships that have outlived their utility. You have to move ahead all the time and so do not live in the past.

Libra : You r relationships are especially affected by this influence as a partnership, either marital or business, may be quite difficult to maintain. It may be necessary to give your partner all the freedom he or she needs. Also correct time to shift to a new home. Do not hold on to things that don’t work anymore. That is the message of the moment, says Ganesha. You keep meeting people who play the same role or the other in your life, each as valuable as the other.

Scorpio : You will be on a quest to acquire true knowledge and wisdom. You will be motivated by new learning and will seek knowledge not merely for gain but out of sheer love for it. A frantic month lies ahead with a lot of socialising. All the left houses will be sold this month. There will be parties and meetings. You are filled with confidence in your own abilities and are charged with vision, optimism and faith. There is also room for passionate bonding, love and romance.

Sagittarius : This is a period of new beginnings or a new way of handling life. The key words will be bonds/connections/ contracts in properties. This will be the keynote for this period. You will try your best to improve communications at all levels. Do not display negativity and be on a solo run; work in a team with others. It is with the support of people who matter that you will realise your d reams. There are strong indications of travel as you make many new and supportive connections. You are networking well and are super-charged.

Capricorn : There is a lot of mental and physical movement now. You reach out and extend the scope of your interactions and relationships, fanning out to people and places. You get along well with others and make rapid progress. There will be many gains from your changed attitude and thinking. There will be fresh acquaintances and contacts in construction work. Ties and bonds of a totally different nature – those that last a lifetime- are also very strongly in focus. You could be forging new bonds that are intense and deep.


Aquarius : There is a lot of buying and selling of property now. If you are with the stock market, there is a lot of gain. You enjoy the challenge of work. You tend to work cheerfully and uncomplainingly, enjoying the task itself without caring for the results which is really the best way to be. There are many happy outcomes and they could manifest in several pleasing ways. The possibilities are endless. Ganesha says there could be recognition of your worth, public, acclaim, letters of appreciation, good write-ups a bout you if you’re in the public eye, promotions, perks, a jump up the corporate ladder.

Pisces : This is a very ambitious period when you push a head on all cylinders. This is a phase of hard, sustained work. You are spurred to work and there are expected rewards. If you have been somewhat stressed out or run-down or just out of sorts that will now come to an end. This month will give you more and more success in all the property related matters.

Astrology Trivia
The Zodiac is the ring of constellations that the Sun seems to pass through each year as the Earth orbits around it.
Earth Signs are the builders of the Zodiac. They are considered practical and stable.
As far as first sign is concerned, Aries babies usually walk and talk very early and have a tendency to head and face injuries. Aries’ strong minds can dominate and conquer most illnesses. Tuesday is the day for Aries to plan new projects, and it’s best during the daylight.
Among all, Leo is the strong sign. Leo or the Lion is a fire sign in the Zodiac history. Famous Leos – Napoleon, Mata Hari, Robert Redford.

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