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Blessing of Ganesha : August, 2014


Aries : Ganesha says, watch out for new developments. You will be looking at true growth, comprising your own assets and our larger role in the community. You will be able to finalise the property that you are planning to do. You move positively from the worldly affairs that occupied you till recently to more self-analysing and introspective. Your main criterion is personal growth and you will do all that you can to progress i n the right direction. Ganesha gives you blessings.

Taurus : Ganesha makes this phase truly challenging and you have a strong and tough month .You probably feel that you have been pursuing the wrong goals. The focus will be on loans for the office that you are wishing to buy. There may also be some neuroses, anxiety, minor alignments and an unsettled feeling to contend with. You may turn to prayer and meditation.

Gemini : Your good spirits will be restored . There will be success with people you want to have fun and enjoy the limelight. Being sociable, amiable and outgoing, you will be partying and socialising. You are caught up at several levels of social life-both meeting and even renewing old acquaintances and friendships. You will be partying since you r property will be rented this month

Leo : Your life is moving at a certain pace and in the right directions and you will be filled with a sense of satisfaction . Ganesha sends you your due rewards i n several ways. This is a joyous phase filled with good tidings. There is a welcome twist too with travel, journeys for fun or for work, partnerships and ties in the construction of buildings and other bonds.

Virgo : This is the time for the expansion and extension of your mental horizons. More than just acquiring knowledge, it will b e a widening of the vistas of your mind that interests you. Travel, publicity, visits, interviews, meets, conferences, collaborations and networking (including even in-laws, kin, and distant relatives) within and outside the family in regard to the selling of the property.


Cancer : Money and the people in your life will both be in sharp focus this quarter. You will look at new avenues of business, sources of income. Ganesha warns against both, a) too much socialising, once again, and b) not to be mixing business with pleasure. This may lead to situations you don’t want to get into and are better off without. Leasing of land, rentals and business deals, taxes, funding, will be part of the theme this period.

Libra : At one level, you are at the crossroads. You need to make strong decisions. You don’t want your success / popularity, good interactions to slip and falter. It is also a great time to help the community at large, to share resources, and give charity and monetary help. You work with purpose and want to get act together professionally in the larger social context as well as within your immediate social circle. There is a need also to streamline relationships. Good time to buy the property.

Scorpio : You will look at changing your lifestyle and priorities. You need to get your act together and need to do some hard rethinking. People get jealous of you. Thus before buying the home, do not share it with people in advance. You think and act big and are breaking new g round in a number of spheres, but don’t forget that even ordinary ties are important.

Sagittarius : This sun in your own signs brings many u n usual aspects into the light of day (or rather, month ! ) The year is slowly coming to a close and it is a good time for reflection. You will get good benefits of you r property. You started off with ambition and g rand plans on the work front and then saw a platter ranging from strange esoteric pursuits, to flights of fancy, the supernatural and even the supra natural but back to the drawing board now and it is time for investments, finances (loans, funds, buying, selling) and capital-raising

Capricorn : You have put in a lot in terms of ideas, efforts and commitment and this is the time for reaping the harvest. You like the sweet sound of good money in the bank and the social standing and perquisites that come in the form of pleasing symbols of success. I suggest you to wait for some time and thereafter taking proper decisions go ahead with the deal of the property.


Aquarius : You are in introspection mode. You even look at para psychology Medicare, healing mind and bodies, charities will take your time and energy and quite happily too. You have many desires to be fulfilled and are filled with a new mindset of inquiry. All your dreams of ta king a property will come true. The moon phase brings a sense of completion and direction to the growth of the past several months.

Pisces : You are pressured by commitments to work and family. Both will need hard work and effort. There will also be the investments and outlays, both financial and with time. You will have a lot of coping to do as they are all linked. It can be a heavy burden and so guard against overdoing it. But, whatever you do now, the results that follow will be pleasant. I must also tell you now that this is a special time and is fi l led with favors coming you r way and you will get a good buyer of you r property.

Astrology Trivia
Areis babies usually walk and talk very early and have a tendency to head and face injuries.
Taurus loves big comfortable recliners and a home filled with music and the smell of food cooking.
Gemini folks usually speak, understand or read more than one language.
Cacerians truly love their homes and realty need one to call their own,with an oven to bake in.
Leos like to give extravagant compliments and gifts, and they love to receive them too.
Virgo’s eyes are so clear you can often see your reflection in them.
Librans usually deny that they are very indecisive, but they do have trouble deciding.
Scorpios like to wear sunglasses to hide their eyes, which express their inner intensity. Hip weakness is common Sagitarians later in life, keep those hips moving. Many Capricorns have strong feet and like to wear sensible shoes.
Aquarian children seem often forgetting basic facts, yet come up with remarkable answers.
Pisces are blend of all the other signs and that is a lot for them to cope with.

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