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Blessing of Ganesha : July, 2014


Aries : Ganesha says, the good times continue and you make rapid progress. This is a hectic and demanding month. You know what is required and are determined to deliver the goods. Decisive, positive action is the main thrust. Your approach to life is positive and you spruce up your image and your self-confidence. You display rare insights along with determination, creativity, imagination and style. The growth trajectory continues. You will be able to choose the correct property for you.

Taurus : The mood new is softer. It is one of conciliation, a willingness to meet people more than halfway, as you work your magic in the world of business and high finance. A whole new mindset finds you caring and sharing, working, helping others, bonding in various ways, affecting major shake-ups in buying the office and residential property. This new persona has become a part of your psyche. Your humane and caring approach is well received and appreciated.

Gemini : There is great intensity in your life now. You are passionate, excited and excitable. There is a dramatic shift in your perspective as loans and funds, sex and passion, create a volatility and restlessness within you. Minor health problems are also likely. Prayer and the right use of tantra, mantra and meditation will help. There will be exciting, even fascinating times as you are galvanized into a creative pursuit of goals since you will be able to sell the house which you are planning to do.

Leo : There is urgent need for moderation in whatever you do. You may get carried away with excesses. There is kind of careless rapture pervading your life and pursuits now. You are prepared to relax, have fun and indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. You have a certain standing in society and you are justifiably proud of it. You want to Favour your success fully and enjoy every bit of life. There may be some loss in selling the property. You lay the groundwork for an assault at the highest level.

Virgo : There will be many propitious new beginnings. Everything you embark on new will lead to success. You have had your moments of fun and now the material world and money matters assume enormous significance . Land, property, family affairs, taxes, revenues, stepping up of income are your major concerns as you busy yourself handling practicalities. Along with all this, you will also be mending fences and clearing up misunderstandings and misconceptions. There will be demands of the family on your time and resources.


Cancer : You are doing many things at the same time. You are giving off your best at work and socially. Now you will be totally absorbed in the domestic scene, the house and home, along with working at a punishing pace. There is a lot on your plate; try not to go under with this monumental burden. Learn to make time to relax, to pursue hobbies, pleasure activities, sport and exercise . The numerous demands of family I domestic life I extended family, though demanding, will also be immensely pleasurable. I suggest you not to deal in property in this month.

Libra : There could be international travel and you make several profits by buying the property from your contacts. Intense and intensive intellectual activities are your main pursuits. You will be busy with higher studies, crash courses, self improvement, and enhancement of your knowledge, expertise and new skill s. All this will be geared to increase earning. There will be intellectual advancement, greater creativity and more knowledge. You are driven and determined to succeed. Ganesha cautions you not to get too self-absorbed and to remain humble.

Scorpio : You are a bit tired and need a break to get your breath back. All the demands on you right from family, home, relationships, work have been heavy . Your patience is running thin but you will have to rema in calm and maintain poise. This is a good month to shift to the new house. Avoid extreme mood swings lest you damage your own image in the eyes of others. You need the support of everyone to make true progress. You will seek out new pursuits like occult and psychic phenomena, spirits and witches, necromancy and magic, to name a few.

Sagittarius : There has been so much happening in your life the past couple of months that you desperately need a break. You look for a quieter phase in your life which ushers a period of introspection. You may take a second and hard look at alternative medicine, healing, social work and other such diversions. I suggest you to give the property on lease this month as it will benefit you. You are not naturally inclined to social work and philanthropy but this can be a much needed change.

Capricorn : You continue with your work but there are many domestic demands. There could be problems in your marriage and trouble with teenaged children. You like to be the boss at home and your commands obeyed but there could be a revolt brewing. You may get some problems in regard to the property that you want to sell. You will be put in your place and not listened to at all, and when this comes from family, from your own flesh and blood, it will be very difficult to take. You will have to man oeuvre the situation with delicacy. If you are not careful, there may be repercussions.


Aquarius : You look for more freedom in whatever you do. This can be very critical time particularly for those in their late twenties. You want to break out of all the structures imposed on you. You seek independence and are serious about establishing your presence in the world. You break away from old groups and branch out on your own. This is a period to make good profits by getting involved in the property dealings.

Pisces : This is an energetic and pleasant influence and you may be inclined to sit back and bask in it. But this is a very significant period because you can reach out to people and taste new areas of life and have several varied and rewarding experiences. Your creative potential is enormous, your drives are very strong, and you can very easily accomplish a great deal. You are full of self-confidence and believe that you can do wonders. I suggest you to search for the good buyer this month and finalise the deal as this is a good period for the same.

Astrology Trivia
Virgo: Virgos eyes are so clear , you can often see your reflection in them .To end a Virgo friendship, show no interest in their work or their well being. Virgo’s best days are Wednesdays and Fridays. Virgo are the accountants, administrative assistants, health store owners and gardeners. Virgos like to eat simply and love their vegetables, often suffering digestive upsets.
Libra: Librans usually deny that they are very indecisive, but they do have trouble deciding. Librans appreciate people who are intelligent and know how to be tactful. Friday is the favorable day for Libra. Libras are the diplomats, fashion designers, interior decorators, beauticians.
Scorpio: Scorpios like to wear sunglasses to hide their eyes, which express their inner intensity. Be precise and straightforward with Scorpios and always tell them the truth. Tuesday is the best day for Scorpio. Scorpios are the detectives, psychologists, psychiatrists and surgeons.

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