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Blessing of Ganesha : June, 2014


Aries : Ganesha says brilliant ideas catch your fancy and you don’t know where to stop. You continue to be busy and gainfully employed inseveral activities, all at once. It is a toss-up in the phases between your creative talents and your family, to see what inspires you and pleases you more. There could be expenses in regard to the property that you are planning to buy. You can’t put your finger on this mood and you can’t pin it down to any particular reason. But it is there as large as life.

Taurus : There is asemblance of stability but it can also be a mirage. You will have to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Romance blooms in your life and people around you are more than friendly. Social and business gatherings regarding the construction of residential apartments, dinners, conferences and get-together find you in your element. You will also be successful at interviews, examinations, and even the tests that life challenges us with. There will be great joy, satisfaction and pride.

Gemini : There are many new influences in your life. You have never lacked in insight and understanding but now you will be aware that you have a lot to be happy about. You will continue to go places in life! Your energy levels and self-confidence are sky high. You look firmly ahead at what the future has in store for you. You have the confidence and self-belief to plan both ambitiously and systematically. Thus you will be able to get good gain in the plot that you are having.

Leo : The trends continue. You are meeting new people and taking it easy in a way. You are removed from the hard slog and looking for moments to enjoy yourself. But you are not one to let go of an idea, a belief, or a course of action. You could also be switching jobs. There could be a promotion or even a more lucrative line of business. There will also be greater bonding of the property that you are wishing to buy. Whatever said and done, financial security is usually important for you and makes you emotionally secure.

Virgo : The fun times continue. You realize that you derive great strength from the people in your life and so you need good people skills. There may be ties of love, partnerships and collaboration . You may feel duty bound to honour some commitments, especially to near and extended family. Along with the huge demands of work, there are several domestic commitments too. You will be able to fulfill all the demands of the customers of your property.


Cancer : There are many emotional moments. You will go through the g rind and feel ultrasensitive. Your mind will be in a whirl with many maudlin thoughts jostling for space. I suggest you to go ahead and sell the office that you are wishing to sell from a long time. There is success at work too which is hard-earned and richly deserved. It also generates a more than satisfactory income, and money, whether we like it or not, is still the ultimate yardstick or bench mark of success as we know it in the real world. All your efforts reap rewards.

Libra : There will be sustained progress. There will be new visions and the hig her self will occupy your mind. Charitable activities and welfare interests will be the focus this week. Of course, practical and financial matters will have to be dealt with. Budgeting your finances may be necessary both at home and in the office. There may also be a change in career/job/business. In the long run, it will work to your advantage. This is the good period for giving the property on lease.

Scorpio : You are on the fast track to success. Your worries ebb and you are able to take a breather. All kinds of papers, documents, legalities have to be dealt with. There are also new contracts, partnerships, collaborations and deals. All this will extend over a period of time and so a promising phase sets in. You will be able to sell the residential properties by the end of this month. The good times start to roll as you are.

Sagittarius : There are emotional moments with the family and some great bonding too. Your focus shifts to domestic issues and the fine arts like music and theatre which will enthrall and excites you, and even open up new avenues for gainful work. This could also be the right time for a family holiday or to acquire a home away from home. You are looking at new investment options and may pick on realty as a good bet.

Capricorn : The intensity of the period takes you by surprise. You have made some good decisions over the past weeks and it is payback time. There are many gains in personal esteem, belief and credibility. There is also greater authority and popularity, more perks and prestige. Do not buy home in this period as it may give you some losses. You may also see the need to resolve some past issues that keep re surfacing; they are nestled deep in your subconscious and you will have to deal with them as soon as you can. You will need to learn tact, diplomacy, even kindness.


Aquarius : Your mind wanders in many directions and you lose your famed stability and poise. There are morbid thoughts that occupy your mind. You make great effort to find peace and get back your relaxed persona that is now struggling with anger, bitterness and many demons. You manage to overcome the nightmares and are successful at work and get on wonderfully well with those around you. Before taking the property on rent, I suggest you to clear everything and do the agreement. You now get focused, action-oriented and positive in all that you do.

Pisces : There is more stability now. Your focus shifts to the quality of life you envisage for family, loved ones and, of course, yourself. Family affairs, possessions and assets, investments and even, perhaps, the unloading of shares in the stock market will be important. Your prime goal now is to secure your family. You are determined to achieve your targets and are resolved to do well, come what may.  You are in the mood to obliterate all opposition. As a result, there is enhanced income and prestige. You can go ahead and invest in the properties. It will give you good benefits in the long run.

Astrology Trivia
• If you are Aries, what is your ruling planet?
Mars Rules the Sign of Aries, March 21 to April 20. On the downside jealous and combative, destructive, domineering and obstinate. Your good qualities include; being dynamic, direct, positive in attitude and manner, quick response to situation. Learning to know what you want and how to expert your will without harming anyone else will be your life’s work.
• What is the Moon’s star sign?
The Moon rules the sign of Cancer. June 22 to July 22. On the downside: Clannish and moody, attached to the past, a worrier and a clinger jealousy. Your good qualities include; Patient sensitive, romantic, sociable and maternal. To identify your own personal feelings and put selfishness aside will be your life’s work.
• If you are a Scorpio, what is your ruling planet?
Pluto Rules the Sign of Scorpio. October 24 to November 22. On the downside: Abuse of power, the darker side of magic, fanatic, destructive, self-serving. Your good qualities include: A spiritual outlook, ability to determine truth to consciously aid the transformations that will allow your maximum soul growth will be your life’s work.

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