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Blessing of Ganesha : November, 2014

Bejan Daruwalla

Aries : Ganesha says a marvelous of inspired activities and results follow last month’s similar one. The activities themselves will be many and varied – there’s nothing left out I could say: home, family, parents and pets, dependents, work, performance, office, colleagues, social life, arts and creative pursuits. You need to have the time and energy for it all, of course, but you’re genuinely inspired and can definitely handle it all. You will be able to finalise your property deal this month.

Taurus : Your schedule will be even more frantically busy. You’ve taken on a lot and are determined to do justice to do it all. This will be the way things are for most of the month ahead that is certain. Go ahead and sell your property. Work, family, socialising, partying, hectic lobbying and networking – you name it. Rest and relaxation will, therefore, be vital and imperative on a regular basis to prevent a burnout. Prayers, meditation, tantra and mantra, religion and rituals will give solace, strength and inspiration.

Gemini : Journeys and relationships and acquisitions all conspire to come together, and yet you are both enthused and happy as you cope. Not just cope, you will handle them rather brilliantly, despite your hectic schedule of activities. They will centre around all/some of travel, loans, sex, passion, funds, buying of land/selling of land/shopping, (these three most certainly) and reaching out to people Both professional networking and personal bonding will be equally important

Leo : Another grand month, full of joy and achievements, Ganesha gives you much: achievements, accomplishment, wish-fulfilment, but at a price. There’s always a price, remember-there are no free launched in llife as they say. But you are both willing and able to say this price-effort, sincere commitment, and of course, hard work. You will concentrate on increasing your influence and status as well as your bank balance, realising that both matter equally to you. I suggest you think twice before dealing in the property matters.

Virgo : From the last month where you zerord in on fianced and achievements, you shift your focus to your good interactions and bonding with people you care for. Games, parties ceremonies and functions, lots of publicity and lots of business activities. Alongside, the mental stresses will continue in your money angle, and you’ll still have to give income and assets a lot of attention. Ganesha says- brokerage from land, commission agencies, ties and collaboration will all prove fulfilling.


Cancer : You will start implementing your new plan/scheme for living right from this month. Journeys, travel and/or mental growth take precedence in your schedule. you will embark on both with zest and great sincerity – a) as a true learning experience, and also b) as a means of contacts, relationships/ties. You have realised both the value and relevance of genuine bonding and are keen to have the best of it all. You will get a good buyer this month. Your own siblings, relatives and people really close to you will come to mean much more, and react well to you.

Libra : You’re able to really relax, let go of your worries. Peace and harmony, striving for balance and excellence, and above all, realising the value and place of domestic commitments, will make  you  both  happy  and  contented.  Your personal, intimate   life  of  love, and   bonding   of  constructing  a building, as well as family attachments and caring will be of paramount  importance, You will try to seek and find these in love, romance, marriage, or in a relationship that brings the same kind of ties. Your own responses are strong too.

Scorpio : Your ties and bounds have been reinforced, and there has been quite a shift in your thinking and focus. All these lead you to enjoy rather than resent your daily round of activities­ domestic chores and commitments/duties at home and at work, family and filial responsibilities will all be handled with sensitivity and grace to your own gain. The main thrust of activities will definitely deal with house, home, land, property, building or matters connected with all of the above.

Sagittarius : You’ve  put   your   house  in  order,  both   literally  and figuratively,  over  the   past  months.  This  month   will, therefore, be really and truly time to relax and be happy. This is month you can change your home and shift to a new house. Have a load of fun, wine and dine your friends, be a happy host, enjoy life and above all live well, love well. More than assets, success, money you will realise that to make these   meaningful,   you   need  love,   the   warmth    of companionship, and you will be going all out to get it. It’s what you feel will be your greatest achievement to date.

Capricorn : Your self-belief and confidence have increased and you now feel a surge of power and greatness with regard to passion, sex, finance, religion. Religion may take the form of ceremonies and praying for the living and the dead. You also need to build up your own mental and spiritual strengths, says Ganesha. They will be of help since there is a slight risk of ill health, or of accidents befalling you. This is something you have definitely to watch out  for, guard against. Ganesha says that you will be doing good deal in land this month.


Aquarius : You’re both  busy and active once again on the professional and social scenes, both. What this month will definitely bring in will be the 3 Fs of  family, finance and food, and much more. A wide spectrum of  business and  professional transactions, deals and negotiations of commercial will have to be handled as well, along with the angles of money of high finances even should. As I explain, the threes Fs will be linked to form part of the whole, and on a large scale. You will be entertaining, attending or giving parties, being a good host/hostess, even dealing with dietetics and nutrition.

Pisces : Very possible kind of demand on you will have to be dealt with. Most important will be loved ones and family. There could also be legal matters, trusts, ancestral property, partnerships, ties, collaborations. As if these are not enough, there will also be heavy expenses, and you meet them with hard work, burning the midnight oil to meet deadlines. I’ve done it myself, so I know how pressure builds up. The trick, says Ganesha to both you and me, is to accept the challenge with both grace and graciousness

Astrology Trivia
Aries make good firemen, psychologists, engineers, and race car drivers with their love of speed
Find Taurus working in a bank with money, or farming, gardening, singing, and business managers
Gemini folks are TV broadcasters and journalists, teachers, postal workers and writers.
Cancerians make good nurses, kindergarten teachers, chefs and caterers
Leos are good actors, jewellers, astrologers, dancers and teachers
Virgos are the accountants, administrative assistants, health store owners and gardeners
Libras are the diplomats, fashion designers, interior decorators, beauticians
Scorpios are the detectives, psychologists, psychiatrists, and surgeons
Sagittarians are the veterinarians, lawyers, travel agents and publishers Capricorns are the politicians, architects, dentists and managers to CEOs in corporate world
Aquarians are the scientists, astrologers, astronomers and inventors
Pisces are your psychics, spirit mediums, shoe designers, photographers and actors.

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