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Blessing of Ganesha : October, 2014


Aries : Ganesha says a thought-filled, contemplative start, in which much introspection will be done, but gainfully so. Monetarily speaking, you will find that the flow is easier; at least, you will be able to cope more comfortably. Loans and funds for buying the property will be arranged. With this load off your mind, you can focus on two aspects that you consider much more important: a) your own talents and creativity at work. b) social concerns and issues, and wider, even global causes that are very close to your heart.

Taurus : Achievements and success come, targets and gains, too. Acquisitions like artefacts, jewels, valuables for pleasure as well as investment in lands. This new moon phase brings much more — a dynamic, exciting new bond/liaison, since an existing relationship may be dying out, yielding place to another. You are not yet sure of how deep the bonding is. There are journeys, ceremonies, PR exercises, domestic shake-ups, new ideas and inventions for you to deal with, as well. It is definitely a time for starting afresh, with new beginnings at different levels.

Gemini : You devote solid effort to both your profession and your personal relationships. You are known to be a brilliant performer in the sphere of work, and the sheer dedication and necessity of putting the shoulder to wheel — without which achievements are never made — are their hallmark. It is this dedication that you devote to fresh achievements, and these are not in work-related spheres, though your thinking is precise and scientific in this phase. Love is felt deeply. Solid ideas are shared in a setting/environment that increases affection. You will be able to get a good person to take your property on rent.

Leo : You shift from work to relationships/emotions/interactions. The focus is definitely on people. It is not that work and finances fade into insignificance in your mind. The concept of beautiful partnerships inspires you to better ways of handling them–that’s all. A growing feeling of security and even prosperity could develop from there. Disputes regarding your office property will be solved this month.

Virgo : What should have been seen last month, comes into play now. Suddenly, all the spheres of activity will seem to be galvanised. Spirituality, family life, community and social welfare, mental challenges, emotional needs, are what you are surrounded by. To add zest, in comes joyful romance, a touch of glamour in friendly interrelations. Finances that are linked to inheritance, family funds, you will receive ancestral property, the income of parents, will seem to be a big issue.


Cancer : You realise some gumption and sheer guts are needed for you to really get ahead. This is a month to think and I suggest you not to buy the property. Even a little risk-taking in finances will not make you as anxious as you were earlier. New avenues, vistas of learning and earning, study and enterprise will be embarked on. But think things over carefully and avoid both unnecessary bravado and showdowns–they will be full of potential danger, warns Ganesha, for both your heart and your bank balance.

Libra : You will seek to earn more, but at the same time, amusements, fun and friendships, parties, outings, sports, too, will be pleasurable outlets that you enjoy. In fact, there will be marvellous cooperation for your plans and work. Human relationships, though unpredictable at times, will be enjoyable and free and full of excitement. Future plans may now be in place or after even the new moon phase. But you still need to sort out the required finances. Finances will be arranged for taking the property on rent.

Scorpio : You will be able to reach out to, and enjoy, the world around you very thoroughly. You will see how to handle funds, friendships, family, and have dazzling ideas that give a tremendous boost to your skills. Love, too, is felt in no small measure: a sense of deeper understanding develops. You find that the higher self and, at the same time, your own spirituality are your main interests. You deal with the requirements of domestic life, office routines /work/business in a contented and happy frame of mind. New contract for the construction work will take place.

Sagittarius : You may find that your interest in both earning and professional advancement is flagging, and you look at different options. New values and concerns are far more vital. All the gains you wish to make are in these spheres. However, Ganesha reminds you that you still have a role in this world. Though you have to continue to perform your duties, deal with your responsibilities as efficiently and sincerely as possible, a certain world-weariness will be experienced. Relationships with your clients for buying the property will bring good results.

Capricorn : In this month, too, your concern of last month with welfare schemes related to the community and society will continue to be an important part of your many activities. Ganesha says, it will be a struggle to fit in everything, but with clever prioritizing you are able to manage it smoothly. You reconcile your concerns and interests in both spheres beautifully and harmoniously. Someone you are close to stimulates serious thinking. Deeper communication comes from your new mood. You will be able to sell your property.


Aquarius : Almost all the activities of last month — domestic, social, office/business— continue at practically the same pace. But there is a twin theme. This is that of spirituality, meditation, even prayer and contemplation. It is almost like the silent retreat from the world that the monks practised in monasteries. The paradox is that you’re earning well —enough to meet the many financial requirements before you, especially vis-à-vis house, home or the family.

Pisces : Very possible kind of demand on you will have to be dealt with. Most important will be loved ones and family. There could also be legal matters, trusts, ancestral property, partnerships, ties, collaborations. As if these are not enough, there will also be heavy expenses, and you meet them with hard work, burning the midnight oil to meet deadlines. I’ve done it myself, so I know how pressure builds up. The trick, says Ganesha to both you and me, is to accept the challenge with both grace and graciousness

Astrology Trivia
One of the world’s oldest horoscopes was cast for a baby born on April 29, 410 BC in Mesopotamia. About this time, the culture of this area began to believe  that the position of planets and stars at the time of an individual’s birth had a direct impact on the course of that person’s life.
The Greeks and Romans formalized Middle – Eastern astrology with their pantheon of gods who were each associated with planest. Zeus became Jupiter; Ares, Mars; Aphrodite, Venus; Hermes, Mercury; and Kronos, Satum. Apollo was associated with the sun and Diana with the moon.
Ancient star-gazers studied the stars and observed how they followed a cycle every year. These patterns evolved into the zodiacal cycle used as a means to measure time. Thus, this cycle was broken into recognizable periods and represented by a zodiac sign like ram (aries), crab (cancer), virgin (virgo) of fish (pisces).
Until the birth of Christianity, astrology thrived in much of Europe, the Near East and northern Africa. Even when the Christina emperor Constantine proclaimed astrology “demonic” in333, it continued to be studied closely in Islamic lands.
• Western astrology did not return to popularity again until Nostradamus published his infamous book of prophecies in 1555. He received the patronage two renowned queens, Elizaberth I and Catherine de Medici.

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