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Blessing of Ganesha : September, 2014


Aries : Ganesha says, you switch from the relationship-rich period of the last few months to professional concerns. Personal associations have been supportive on the road to material success, but you now realise that renewed efforts are required to push ahead. You will be able to finalise the residential property this month. Rewards, promotions and other material gains pour in and you even begin to feel smug and self­ satisfied in all this adulation.

Taurus : This is a pleasant phase. You have delivered virtuoso performances in both the important sectors of your life – home and work. You are the toast of everyone, the blue-eyed boy I girl and also the centre of envy. Your confidence and chutzpah, combined with your good heart, helps you negotiate these dangerous waters and emerge victorious. But this is not all, says Ganesha. Another trend overlaps – finances engage your attention too. Funds, loans, rentals and leases, or MOUs for different properties will take place demanding your attention.

Gemini : A whole new trend begins this month and Ganesha predicts that it will definitely be the main theme in September too. It involves the evolution of your fast-moving, impulsive nature into a calmer, more sober one in which you develop a love for humanitarian activities. No half-measures here, as you go all out to share your resources with the underprivileged. You are socially and environmentally aware and also very humane. You will get a good buyer this month.

Leo : Your spiritual practices have given you fortitude and the courage of your convictions. You feel much more calm and peaceful and ready to face life’s challenges with equanimity. This doesn’t mean that you are lethargic and laidback; quite the contrary really. You could be also looking out for collaborations, partnerships and even dealerships of all your properties.

Virgo : The spotlight continues to shine on you at work, thanks to your awesome performance. Relationships are on the upswing with inter – personal tensions sorted out. Your home is your heaven and you enjoy warm and caring interactions with your near and dear ones. You will be shifting to your new home. Socialising, partying and entertaining your friends and family helps you unwind. Your popularity soars and you are darling of your friends, family, and kith and kin.


Cancer : The successful pursuit of your goals requires out of the box thinking and you whole- heartedly accept the challenges that confront you. Ganesha motivates you to seek greener pastures. You could be busy with funds/ loans, negotiations and deals of commercial complex. As a carryover from last month, you may still find yourself restless and so you will be drawn to a quest for peace and spiritual solace. This is a month in which you can expect the unexpected.

Libra : This phase kick-starts a trend of hard work and fervent play. Dedicated efforts and large doses of luck give you success on the domestic and professional fronts. You are more organized at work for building the residential property on the land that you have purchased. You are also enthusiastic and confident and filled with a new energy which ensures success. You use your resources in a prudent manner, introduce innovative and effective measures at work, revive old contacts and friendships and clear the air with those you may have had a run-in with earlier.

Scorpio : The work formats out into place last month take your productivity levels to dizzy heights. There is a lot of work but the systems are in place and so while the productivity increases, the effort doesn’t. This not only makes your work easier but also gives you more time to devote to domestic affairs. You will get a good family taking your property on rent. You may have to attend out-of-town meetings, conferences, conventions for collaborations I negotiations.

Sagittarius : You need a break from the hectic activities and events of the past months. Stress levels are high and you need to recuperate. You look at social work and may spend time at old people’s homes and other charities. You look at ways to give back to society. Those in the health care professions such as nursing, psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling etc. Could scale new heights, perhaps even with international acclaim for their work. Finally you will be able to sell your office.

Capricorn : With your restored and enhanced perception of life you will take it easy, be relaxed, a bit laidback too. You are happy and optimistic and take time away from work with your lover I social outings with friends, children and parents. You find joy in building your home and maintaining valuable partnerships and have a gentle loving attitude which helps foster intimate bonds.


Aquarius : There has been a steadily increasing awareness of the importance of relationships in your life for past few months. So, a further strengthening and bonding, both at work and at home, can be achieved through mutual care and respect. As we all know, peaceful solutions will lead to greater growth and progress. You will be get good buyers for your property this month. At work too, supportive colleagues and co-workers will help you perform better.

Pisces : You are determined to sustain the growth you have achieved and even build further on it. This is on action­ packed month as you find your hands full at work, much more than you can handle. This moon phase in your sign reinforces the focus on your priorities and values as you push forward to take advantage of the myriad possibilities that have presented themselves to you. The rewards are immediate and, buoyed, you push ahead frenetically. I suggest you not to go for buying or finalising property this month.

Astrology Trivia
HOW WEIRD! The great Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe was one of the more colorful characters in the history of astronomy. As a student he had part of his nose cut off in a duel. He made a replacement out of gold, silver and wax.
FAR AWAY Pluto is situated so far out in the depths of the solar system that if you were to stand on its surface the sun world just look like a bright star.
SIZE COUNTS When Sir Isaac Newton wrote in a letter to Robert Hooke if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’ his note of humility may have been laced with a dose of sarcasm. Newton despised Hooke who had been critical of his work and it seems likely that Sir Isaac was having a swipe at Hooke’s diminutive stature.
BIG BANG most people are familiar with the term ‘Big Band’ theory. However when astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle first coined the phrase ‘Big Band’ he did so in order to mock the theory. Hoyle was a firm believer in the alternative steady state theory which gives the universe no start or end. However the name stuck and the term ‘Big Band’ is now widely used although the irony has been lost.
FLOATER Saturn has the smallest density of all the planets in the solar system. It is so light it could float on water.

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