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Blessings of Ganesha



Ganesha says you’re great to know, and people are drawn to you greatly in this phase. You entertain, extend hospitality, have house-guests and are kept more than busy. But there’s one more thing that’s important and that is faith-in religion, tantra and mantra, worship, prayer submission to the Higher Consciousness. Ganesha approves of this new bent of mind, which endures even with the many demands on your time, attention, effort and you will be able to fulfil your wish of buying the property this month.


The scale of operation is much larger now. Faith leads on to higher, evolved spiritual pursuits / beliefs. And finances, too, move beyond the domestic level. They now include wise investments, clever use of options, inspired trading. Closeness with family, particularly children, too. It’s all coming into a dazzling fireworks display—a time of being happy, being wise, being fulfilled as you will be shifted to a new home, office.



Now you need to attend to finances on a priority basis. What will keep you greatly involved will be buying / selling, speculation, trade, spin-offs—a very wide spectrum of money-related activities happens to be dealt with. Do not be involved in investing in the offices, lands or any kind of properties as you may lose money. Heightened activity in all spheres, even the physical, leaves you little time for anything else.


Where work and money were all-important last month, this month, it will be people. You are generous, magnanimous, vibrant, even joyful. Financial gains, too, are possible, in addition to gains in popularity and image. Even your professional qualities and activities will be more people-oriented. It will make interactions at work meaningful and creative, but there’s a catch here. You have to act on Ganesha’s advice—it always pays to do so—who tells you to remember a basic fact which will make you much more successful this month. Be careful while dealing in the matters of buying the land.


Ganesha gives you a busy time this month as you will devote your full time in the construction of projects that you are involved in. You entertain them, amuse and even indulge them, talk to them, communicate in all possible ways from hugs to email. And that is not all. Community projects, an overview that is global in expanse will find you strongly convinced that you need to put in something of yourself, even if it’s just contributing monetarily to a cause that interests or moves you.



Once again, in terms of activity and involvement, a truly tremendous phase, in which you have a sense of mission and a special satisfaction in your property business, which receives Ganesha’s blessings. Finances look up tremendously, so do your power and prestige. And it feels even better to know that you have earned it fair and square. Your intelligent ideas are leading you towards the top of a group dealing with community building, mutual needs, service to humankind, to the environment, and world.

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Ganesha says—both money matters and family issues demand attention from the world “GO”. In this phase, you put others before yourself, make efforts / adjustments / concessions that are not easy to carry out. But you will do all this not only willingly but generously. Your openhandedness could however create problems, as you might find yourself out on a limb, financially. Do not sell your office or land during this period.



You are usually considered to be action-oriented. This month, however, highlights your intellectual side. A marvelous though somewhat unexpected development will be seen this month. It runs parallel to the mundane activities of daily life, of which there are plenty—perhaps more than you can handle. Collaborations, links with distant or overseas places regarding the business, are all more than probable, too.


You are flexible, yet committed. You also work hard, and with gusto. Yet you find the time to be with the people who matter to you. Fine partnerships grow and strengthen as a result of your willingness to go that extra mile. The reason is that you feel strength and confidence surging from hidden depths as you connect with good friends, lovers or partners. They are there for you, and it makes you feel good. This is a good time for investing in the property as it will give you good gains in the future.



Once again, people will matter greatly to you. The personal angle is the focal point of all your activities now and the scope will be pretty large. Most important will be your individual or personal property which you may buy, renovate, lease out, redecorate, or all of the above. This also includes gaps and shortcomings that you perceive in your

family, your life with them and your hopes for them. You seek to find satisfaction and fulfilment in dealing with family matters and property trying to make them as secure as you want them to be.


Your people-orientation will continue this month too. You spare no effort to care and provide for those you love. Nothing is too big or too minute for you to attend to, with meticulous notice of the finer points. You will be able to buy new home and also likely to shift in this period. Particularly pets and children, dependents, or even the elderly, are closest to your heart. Also, chronic diseases that have troubled you earlier could flare up as may some tensions that have to be resolved, or perhaps defused like a bomb.



Perhaps the strength of mind / character you’ve been focusing on will be put to the test now. This phase bring challenges as there is the likelihood of conflicts and showdowns flaring up at work. But you do resolve them, and amicably, for the most past. There could be resentment at wrongs that are done for you. You may even tend to magnify these and want to retaliate. I suggest you to remain calm in dealing all the matters related to property as you may find some problems in it.