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Blessings of Ganesha


ganeshaaaAries : You will be going great guns, says Ganesha. Do anticipate collaborations, ties, meets, conferences, rendezvous. You could well be a tremendous crowd puller if you are a public figure. Yes, the right time to be known, to communicate, to extend to people around the world. Rites, pilgrimages, higher education, research, are highlighted. I suggest you to sell the properties that you are having.

Taurus : Many Taureans will be busy with financial matters, for example, loans, funds, joint account, insurance, premiums,  investments, buying/selling/shopping. An office or house move is possible, that is, if one has not happened recently. Even if it has, you may move again. Be optimistic by all means but do not expect the impossible please.

Gemini : This is the dawn of partnerships, contacts, associations, influences and ties in general. At the same time, your work and your independence will also be most important to you. A journey is on the cards. Alternatively, do expect visitors and foreigners. Fateful decisions will be taken in regard to the buying of home. Health of elders is suspect.

Cancer : News from distant places keeps you busy and on your toes. New and exciting career avenues do open out to you. It is absolutely certain that great responsibilities will be placed upon you. You could be involved in bringing the solution of the property in which you were tied. Remember to share your needs truthfully and frankly. Believe me, that will help you a lot.

Leo: Once again children, education, creative pursuits, taking chances will fascinate you. There is every possibility of overspending/overindulging either yourself or others or very probably both! You must learn to market your considerable skills. The right time to advertise, sell the land or an idea. You will feel good about it.

Virgo: There is the distinct possibility of mulling I planning I discussing a new home or office with your partner or parents. The beauty is ordinary activities take on a deep meaning and acute importance! Your awareness will be honed to a fine pitch. You must do some tight rope walking between maintaining your individuality and pleasing your mate or business partners or professional associates.


Libra : New contacts and acquaintances and consequently, plenty of buzz and excitement in your life, both personal and professional. Socially, a busy time. Health safeguards are the key to happiness. Ganesha says try not to overdo and do get rest. You will splurge a great deal and that will somehow make you happy and proud. You will get good benefits from the properties that you are having.

Scorpio : Thanks to hitting the target, you will be in with the money. Love will be very exciting but immensely complicated. Venus is in your 4th angle, Western astrology, gives you charisma and an almost fatal attraction for others. A serious proposal is on the way for the household property. Money will help you to grow in confidence and use it for public welfare.

Sagittarius : Important work regarding the land must be finished on time and that may not be as easy as you think or hope. You will be a bubbling volcano of energy and enterprise. Try not to be overbearing and dictatorial or you will undo many good things and surely we don’t want that to happen, do we? The past will cry out to you very strongly.

Capricorn : Group and community and social activities as well as responsibilities and duties keep you fully engaged, especially as duty means much to you. Membership in organizations will be mutually beneficial. A little effort and care in buying the office is strongly advised. Best to give serious thought even to seeming trivia.

Aquarius : People will no longer “BOOBA MOUTH” you to use a Harper’s Bazar team. People will now do for you exactly what they say, and that will be a most welcome change. You are very definitely in the actual process of building the office is solid and substantial. You will be connected via organizations and meets and that’s great.


Pisces : Get your travel-kit ready. Alternatively, expect friends, foreigners, total strangers, to visit you, even stay with you. Hard work and matching rewards are very likely for Pisceans. Please expect a goodly share of compliments and applause. Journeys, ceremonies are confidently foretold. You will be facing some hurdles in selling the properties that you are having. Wait till 2 months.

According to astrology, every sun sign is associated with an element – air, fire, water and earth.
Represented by a Crab nowadays, Crayfish was used earlier for the sunsign Cancer.
Libra is the only sign not represented by a living creature.
Aries, Leo & Sagittarius are the three fire-element signs.