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Blessings of Ganesha Forcast for July 15,2017 to August 14,2017


Aries: Ganesha says – A larger canvas for you this week. You reach out in every way you can – from meetings and rendezvous to fax, email, voice-mail, the works, in short. Not just to people, please remember, but places. The environment, eco-concerns, wider issues also keep you busy. And how: A huge level of awareness and commitment is to be seen in you this week. You are the world, now. Not in confrontation but in fine accord.

Taurus: The growing awareness of last week develops further. After the pleasures and pain of the material plane, your mind is irresistibly drawn to a higher level. You set your sights on a higher and superior consciousness, spirituality, the cosmic cycle of karma. Also research, higher studies and imbibing knowledge for its own sake! Travel of the mind, and perhaps actual journeys, too, not just spiritual ones, keep-you firmly anchored in this world even while you seek another. Conference, business meets, seminars, study tours, pilgrimages.

Gemini: A somewhat taxing and certainly demanding week lies ahead. A little stress may develop. You could be over-wrought perhaps about unfairness in your work / business and somewhat depleted in health. At the same time, there are useful discussions, meaningful dialogues with those to whom you can reveal your innermost thoughts. Perhaps a mystery could be revealed. The possibility is there, says Ganesha.

Cancer: A strengthening of commitment comes now – and it’s really needed, too. Money will be easy, though not wonderful. Nor will your health. More rest will be very desirable to you as once again, all kinds of pulls could level you feeling as if your batteries are running low and you just can’t cope with all that you’re required to do. Your faith will energies you, as will your warm interactions with loved ones. Once again you focus very definitely on home, family, property, in several ways.

Leo: A time when Ganesha endows you with a large measure of satisfaction, the belief that you’re going the right way to a better life. Harmony and contentment are your goals now. All that the preceding forecast was about is now sought to be put into action, or motion, by you. You get off to a dramatic, stylish start in the work arena. You are redefining your attitudes to home and career, refocusing on fresh goals in terms of advancement.


Virgo: A truly fine week, again, in which you find satisfaction in all spheres – work, family, love and marriage. You gain in effortless ways both at home and at work. Understanding and rapport with people who are part of your personal ‘think-tank’ lends to an energizing effect on both money matters and affairs of the heart. You work with equal zest and energy as you play.

Libra: Energy, inspiration, enthusiasm all comes to you in a torrent with this new moon. The operative word here is new – most definitely. It’s ideal for creating a new product/project/venture/piece of art/book/a symphony/poem. Creativity manifests itself even in getting a new job or a new addition to the family. Also a wonderful time for those in the media, publicity, writing, copy writing, thee-world (and that in itself is really a universe, isn’t it?)

Scorpio: A typical Scorpio with its emphasis on faith, religion, spirituality. You feel an urge to live less in the material world and more in the spiritual, but it is material concerns that will force themselves on your attention. Finances, joint-funds, debts and loans will all have to be dealt with or handled in some form or the other. If not your own, they could pertain to the family interactions of the last week.

Sagittarius: Much comes to you now, and in easy, harmonious ways; you don’t have to struggle to achieve. Your efforts produce effects far beyond your expectations. Fun and games are embraced joyfully in a spirit of celebration. Don’t let go of the cleanliness of communication and sharing you’ve established with those around you –friends as well as workmates. You realize and appreciate the role of good people in your life.

Capricorn: Solid gains – in this world and the higher one too make it a week of progress. You ponder on deeper questions, undertake further study/training/ orientation and gain much in terms of ultimate wisdom and maturity. Good ideas at work, solid interaction with  friends, family, mate or lover, all add to the creation of deeper ties. So, travel and ties with a whole new connotation. Not armchair traveling, but travel of the spirit.


Aquarius: Right now you’re really a fine person to know and this will continue, since it’s a trend for the month. You are full of grace in your public position, and exercise authority with affection and charm. And that is probably the least of your gains, though it bring mind-mindbogglingly  good results at work and in the family scene. You feel a little more internal, more reflective and more introspective.

Pisces: Your spiritual and emotional growth has been steady and sustained. It’s a much larger canvas that you are painting on, once again leaving your own individual imprint. You function as a part of a group or social organisation, see your place in the world order and open up the vitas of your mind. Original studies, research, higher learning, these, hypothesis – even the media, and particularly television – are all part of your sphere.