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Blessings of Ganesha


By Bejan Daruwalla

Aries:- Ganesha says money and family are the twins who ride you hard ad spur you to glorious achievements. Buying /selling / leasing / borrowing / funding hold the key to a happy you. While romance is possible, it will be sporadic and sudden. You might be hosting parties/dinners/functions. You are on the verge of partnerships at all levels. This is the good month for  buying a new land. It will be giving you good benefits in the future.

Taurus:- The sun and Mars gives you the fillip, the imaginative, brilliance, the intuitive hold on things so necessary to speed ahead and be a winner. Be it music, science, research, construction work, housing, management, you should forge ahead. You should go for the selling of the property as in the future you might not get good amount which you are getting now. Children and brain children give great joy.

Gemini:- In a carry-over from the last month, there’s a “sweet chance” to launch a venture open a restaurant, start a business, have a legacy, get loans and funds sanctioned. Visits, interviews, appointments, a touch of romance and passion, are fated. A lot of intrigue and foreign connections seem to be brewing for you. I suggest you to go for the rented house instead of buying the same.

Cancer:- “Romantic linking, business collaborations, travel and trade, wedding bells” are predicted for Cancerians, because Sun and Mars acts as a yeast, a fermentation, an activation. Buying and selling of all the properties are good for you this month. Many Cancerians are in for a change of direction, both, in their personal, as well as, professional life. It will be for the better.


Leo:- The pointers are to hard work and sweet rewards and that’s fine in any language. Do take chances, be your best, get work done, and also find time relax and enjoy. Your system needs it. You should only concentrate on the selling of the land or the home that you have as buying will not gain you. Use your imagination and will to get what you desire and expect.

Virgo:- Many of you will be taking decisive action and fortunately for you it will be the right one. The Moon-Jupiter will sprout new ideas and gambits, boost travel, make you innovative and ingenious, daring and deadly. Time to start/expand business, prepare to make money, have plans, commute and contact; also enjoy life to the hilt. It is also the correct time to invest in the lands, offices, residential properties.

Libra:- Plenty of behind the scenes activity; cross currents of friendship and animosity will be strong, so best to take it in your stride. Finances get top priority, just like American “priority mail”! Journey, ceremony, buying/selling/lending/funding foreign connections, secret deals are warp and woof of your very existence this month. You will make a good money from the property that you have.

Scorpio:- “A young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love” is how it will be with you, Scorpios. This is an excellent month to marry, mate, co-ordinate, collaborate, build a house, renovate, move, reach-out to others. Cultivate a hobby, rear-up kids, take a study course, contact and communicate vigorously and effectively.

Sagittarius:- Ganesha says a month of gains and financial transactions, trips and ties to loans, funds, investments, capital formation, buying/selling are the highlights very definitely. A promotion, a job-switch, loving pets, hiring/firing servants and subordinate staff, finding lost articles and good, improving health, keeps you busy. Also you can give the property on rent as it will give you good amount.


Capricorn:- The focus will be on family values, finance and mostly certainly strictly personal relationships. Children, hobbies, creative pursuits snatch your heart away. This month and the next you will experience the truth of it, as, this period started right from last month. It is time to ask for favours, step out in style and also purchasing of the new properties will gain you. Good events are foretold.

Aquarius:- An excellent month to travel, publicize your ware, burnish your image and that of the company you represent. Yea, a good time to sally forth and be with the world. Matters related to house, home, family, vehicles, property, jewellery, shop, office, warehouse, lend development, agriculture, receive a great fillip. Bonding will increase your happiness.

Pisces:- Many of you will find your bearings, be aware of your potential and power, and be able to move fast and get what you desire. Yes, you can now start something new and different and exciting, as the timing is right. You will get good advantage in dealing with all the matters associated with the residential plots.