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Builder Association CREDAI Requests NGT to Reconsider Complete Ban on Construction. Says Project Timelines will be Hurt


The NGT ban of construction even on compliant real estate developers will create big hurdle in timely delivery of housing. Developers are in a race against time to deliver houses which have been delayed for various reasons. The current order by NGT abruptly halts this race. Even when the ban is lifted, work will not restart immediately as it takes at least a month to re-mobilise a large construction site. the NGT orders says that the construction labour should continue to be paid for the period that construction is halted. It is unjust to ask the real estate developers to pay this cost.

Apart from this there are numerous other time costs that a real estate developer is bearing like interest costs on bank loans, equipment rental costs, fixed overheads, statutory payments to authorities. CREDAI NCR demands that all these costs (especially fixed time bound costs to government authorities like EDC, land payments etc) to be brought under a “0 period” for the period that construction is halted plus 1 month.  The Developers should be compensated the costs of this ban by the real perpetrators of this pollution.