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Guest Column

Buzzing sector by Aman Agarwal, Director KV Developers


The real estate industry has always been in the news for evolving policy frameworks, concerns of industry players, customers’ woes, and sector’s contribution to economic growth and so on and so forth. It is again under limelight because of proposed Government policies the Real Estate Regulatory Bill and the Land Acquisition Resettlement and Rehabilitation Bill, PE funding into the sector, affordable housing and the development of Smart Cities.

The Real Estate Regulatory Bill is aimed towards timely execution of projects by reducing frauds and delays. It also seeks to ensure consumer protection, without adding another stage in the procedure and sanctions. The Land Acquisition (R&R) Bill is aimed towards safeguarding the landowners’ interests and ensuring fair compensation.

Many discussions have taken place and opinions given on the pros and cons of both the Bills. I feel that it is an intelligent move on the part of the Government as it wants to streamline the industry work. But there is always a chance of improvement and that can be done through discussions with all stakeholders- customers, builders and policymakers. A consensus has to be there within all stakeholder groups for mutually beneficial policies. Implementing decisions in a hasty manner will only lead to harming the industry as well as customers, the end-users.

The out-of-box thinking approach followed by real estate developers has been instrumental in changing the face of India from being an underdeveloped country towards accelerating its way to a developed country by developing state-of-art infrastructure developments, buildings, townships, shopping malls not only in the urban towns of the country but in Tier- II and Tier-III towns as well. This effort of developers has not only been useful in changing the face of India but also the industry has been providing sustenance to 245 ancillary industries.

Almost three years ago, KV Developers ventured into the real estate sector with a strong sense of customer satisfaction at its core operations. It yearns to deliver futuristic and quality housing to its customers. Backed by the strong legacy of setting benchmarks and maintaining a strong position globally in the aromatic industry, KV Developers is also committed to making its mark in the realty space.


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