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CenturyPly introduces Firewall technology


CenturyPly has introduced Firewall technology, an innovative solution in its Architect ply and Club Prime range of ply, to ensure that its customers get critical time to act and be safe in case of fire.

Firewall Technology, said a press release, is the outcome of arduous and indigenous research work done by the company. The technology involves use of nano-engineered particles, which are embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood, giving it best-in-class firefighting properties, added the release.

Keshav BhajankaCommenting on the launch, Keshav Bhajanka, Executive Director, Centuryply, said, “We are deeply concerned about the rising incidences of fire across our country and we have decided to focus on what can be done to address this issue so that our customers continue to derive peace of mind from our solution. The result is this unique Firewall solution, which prepares our plywood to be the best in class to fight fire and give crucial time to save lives and valuables in case of fire breaking out. We have decided not to charge any additional price for this, keeping the delivery of customer satisfaction as the main purpose.”