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Challenges galore, confident of emerging victorious, say NCR Realty Gen Next


The journey, say the realty scions, have so far been very challenging. The second generation of NCR realty bigwigs were speaking at the fourth Webinar of Realty Webseries, a Realty & More and ICCPL initiative.

Ashish Bhutani, Director, Bhutani Group said he has changed the way elders used to do business, which was very contemporary. “When we came in front, we were sure we don’t want to make matchstick buildings, we wanted to get good concepts into India, something that people would say, have never before done or tried in India”, said Bhutani.


Speaking at the Webinar, Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan said while taking charge at a very young age, she faced a lot of resistance, especially by the people in the senior management. “So there was a lot of resistance initially but off course you have to carve your way around that and I did that’, said Nagpal.



Director of another NCR realty major, Supertech, Mohit Arora said he had been fortunate to get a platform to start where he has been able to work on his vision and bring newer concepts for the company.




Another realty scion, ATS Director Bani G Anand says real estate has predominantly been a male-dominated industry as a result of which acceptance for a male second generation entrepreneur is greater than that of a female. “The only way to let yourself in is by trying to better one’s self everyday and ensuring that one works on their personal arc of growth’, said Bani.


Also present at the fourth edition of Realty Webseries was Yash Miglani, CMD, Migsun, who said that he has totally revamped the marketing strategy of the company since the last four years. “Everything depends upon the kind of gift and packaging given to the customers. In this lockdown I have learnt how to get customers and bookings into our company”, added Miglani.


Nimish Arora , Director, Aarone Group & Select CityWalk revealed at the Webinar that he is going to take charge as the interim CEO of Select CityWalk on June 1, 2020. On the challenges ahead, Arora said, “Yes it is a tough time, it is a time we have never seen in the past 13 years of our existence, but I am very excited, positive that we will come out of this very stronger”.



Nayan Raheja, Director, Raheja Group said his journey is still in the works. He said he has learnt a lot from his father who has given his entire life to the mission he believes in.