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Co-living startup Covie launched


Covie, Real estate entrepreneurs Swapnali Bhosale Kadam and Abhishek Kumar have launched Covie, a co-living startup with 3,000+beds in Pune, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.

The platform, said a press release, is a custom-designed new-age co-living startup ecosystem that intends to provide collaborative and encouraging environments that bring out the best in people. The startup aims at clocking revenue at an industry average of Rs 10,000 per bed in the first year through aggressive acquisition of customers, beds, and geographical reach.Covie Logo

Covie, added the release, is the perfect platform to have come out with an opportunity to promote a modern form of living where the inhabitants share a similar set of wellbeing, values, and interests. The co-living space is a thoughtfully designed private dwelling matching the modernity at the same time meeting the basic requirements of residents driven by the sharing economy and socio-demographic changes, it said.

Swapnali Bhosale Kadam

Co-Founder Kadam said “The co-living ecosystem in India has been growing at a speedy pace with newer working models coming into the scenario. The concept has brought in opportunities, mostly catering to students, professionals, and senior citizens, thus bringing much growth for this segment. Currently, our focus is on building long-lasting capabilities that are vital in strengthening the co-living ecosystem in India. We expect to set benchmarks by creating premium spaces and render services by a co-living operator to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction”.

Abhishek Kumar

Kumar, the other Co-Founder, said For the ever-dynamic millennial population, co-living is one of the most preferred means of housing as it provides a safe, secure and convenient choice in a new city. To keep up with the demand and comfort of our customers, we intend to enhance the overall experience by the adoption of innovative tech capabilities so that more and more people seek location independent lives without compromising on their quality of life.”

Covie, the release concluded, is the only player currently in India catering to all the three segments together namely students, professionals, and senior citizens under the brands Covie Ed, CovieLiv, and Covie Plus.