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Collaborative branding platform ‘All About Eve’ launched in Delhi


All About Eve, a collaborative branding platform, was launched in New Delhi on Thursday.

According to a press release, All About Eve provides a unified digital environment that connects internal and external stakeholders thereby improving visibility to help make informed decisions for diverse product categories catering to women.

All About Eve is founded by Bani. G. Anand, a second-generation businesswoman belonging to the ATS family.

The release said All About Eve is a vendor repository featuring top experts in the fields of fashion, food, health, wellness and lifestyle categories. It is poised to provide a solution for the busy women of today, having on board some of the well-known names in fashion, jewelry, interiors, food & beverage, healthcare and wellness industry.

“We strongly believe that an online collaborative platform such as All About Eve will allow women to make informed decisions which will enhance their lifestyles,” said CEO Bani. G. Anand.