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The ancient Indian discipline of Vaastu has prescription for colours too which are belived to have different impacts on different facets of human life.

Colours are spectacular perceptual properties used to distinguish and categorise the various shades of light like red, blue, yellow, green etc. The source of colours is derived from the spectrum of light. Spectrum distributes light and power in comparison to wavelengths of various energy zones. Chromatography is the branch of science which deals with colours and their effects. This science deals with the study of human eyes as in perception of colour by brain . It deals with the origin of colour in materials, colour theory in art and the physics of electromagnetic radiation in the visible range.










Basically colours are different wavelengths of the energy zone which interact within the eye with the spectral   sensitivities of the light receptors. Categories and physical specifications of colour are also associated with objects or materials based on their physical properties such as light absorption, reflection, or emission spectra. By defining a colour space, colours can be identified numerically by their coordinates. In this special issue of Vastu Science, I will try to explain to readers about the effects of colours as per Vaastu Shastra on human life and try to put some light on selection of colours as per Vaastu management.


As per Vaastu Shastra, the use of colours can also ensure the positive effects of particular planets in life. For instance, colour of one’s clothes, rooms, offices and spaces can be very auspicious as per the favourable direction, planets, architectures and day-to-day life.

vastu1Description of planets as per their colour wavelengths
Sun: The week day is Sunday. Shades of red, maroon and brick coloured shades are best to increase the energy of the Sun. Dark and cloudy colours should be avoided.
Moon: The week day is Monday. White is the best shade to increase the energy of the Moon. Dark, cloudy, fiery, and transparent colours should be avoided.
Mars: The week day is Tuesday. Orange, Peach shades are most favourable. Cool shades like green and whites should be avoided.
Mercury: The week day is Wednesday. For better energy of Mercury one should use greens, preferably milder tones. Peach and oranges shades should be avoided.
Jupiter: The week day is Thursday. Jupiter’s energy is increased by yellow and gold shades which are clear and bright. Black, violet, brown shades should be avoided.
Venus: The week day is Friday. Shades of pinks, silver, light blues are most preferable to enhance the effect of planet Venus. Red, orange, yellow and heavy colours should be avoided.
Saturn: The week day is Saturday. Saturn is strengthened by dark blue and black shades. Bright colours should be avoided as well as wearing a colour in excess.
Rahu: No week day is indicated, but Saturday night is the time of impact. Browns, teaks and royal blue are the shades which increase the impact of Rahu. One should avoid white shades.
Ketu: No week day is indicated, but Thursday night is the time of impact. Grey, smoky green and cloudy are the shades which increase the impact of Ketu. One should avoid white shades.