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Come and play, Robot Soccer at Express Avenue


Chennai: Express Avenue, the destination shopping mall of India has launched yet another innovative and beneficial initiative named “Express Robotronics” for the visitors of the mall. Express Avenue will be the first mall in India to organise “Robot Soccer” in the mall premises for the kids and youth who visit the mall.

From a very menial job to that of Rocket Science, involvement of Robots is mandatory these days. But to design them and making things possible out of those robotic machines, lots of people have put their brains and time into it. Students and kids around the world show a greater interest in the field of Robotics whereas the kids of Japan have started learning and designing robots for their future. This novel initiative of Express Avenue will help the Children to grow more in their interest for Robotics. It will be equally useful for the students who aspire to explore a lot in the field but don’t find any relevant platform to do so.

“Express Robotronics” is a unique theme based initiative of Express Avenue which will be organized in association with Kidobotikz. This will be organized on every Thursday in the Central Atrium of Express Avenue mall between 04 pm and 07 pm. Kids and students will get an opportunity to learn Robot making through free workshops. Mall visitors can play Robot Sumo and Robot Soccer – which is a first of a kind initiative among Indian malls. Similarly there will a variety of Robots which will be showcased for the visitors of the mall.

It is not new for Express Avenue to amaze its treasured customers in every way possible. Express Avenue stands as a pioneer in organizing various events and shopping festivals in the city. Similarly the mall has launched few activities on every day of a week to entertain, educate, engage and present surprise gifts for their precious customers.

Express Avenue invites the visitors and the parents of creative kids who aspire to become space scientists or to pursue a degree in robotics to take them to the mall on the evenings of every Thursday and help them learn their interested subject in an interesting and fun-filled manner at no cost.