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Construction activities halt in Delhi-NCR due to revised GRAP, Ease of doing business and Ease of living impacted: PHD Chamber

Delhi/NCR: Implementation of actions under stage-III of revised Graded Response Action Plan of CAQM in Delhi-NCR has brought Construction activities to a Stand Still and impacted the Ease of doing business and Ease of living, said PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a press statement issued on Wednesday.

The Construction Sector was facing serious slowdown during the last two years and with the various reforms of the Government for the Construction Sector, the activity was expected to rejuvenate significantly. However, the stringent notification has impacted the construction sector activity once again, said the industry body, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

MSME Sector industrial units and all industries operating in authorised industrial areas to the construction sector have been severely impacted by the implementation of revised GRAP. The closure of industrial units by not allowing stand-by power can be a death-blow for many, said the industrial body PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

This has severely impacted the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers in the construction activities, who are sitting at home, says PHD.

 The air quality in Delhi continued to remain in the ‘very poor’ category despite stopping of construction activities for 3 days as the overall Air Quality Index (AQI) of the city stood at 382. Noida, which is part of the national capital region, recorded an AQI of 406 and slipped from ‘very poor’ to ‘severe’ category.


CAQM has not taken into consideration studies undertaken by highly technical organisations and suggestions provided by industry for the root cause of AQI going beyond the limits. 

PHD Chamber emphasized that Stubble burning from last week of September to November has affected the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the national capital & NCR, and the Government should look for alternate means to resolve this issue to avoid any hindrances to businesses. The appeasement policy of Governance in Punjab has increased Stubble burning by more than 33% which was reported by the media.

PHD Chamber said that our country does not hold PNG infrastructure for industries, uninterrupted power supplies, lack of availability of technology in the market to convert existing DG sets to hybrid sets on a largescale basis, economically viable Emission Control Device/Equipment, vendors who can provide certified solutions for Hybrid Generators with 70% Gas and 30% Diesel without affecting the Guarantee & Warranty of DG Sets.

The PHD Chamber had sought the Government, through representations, to review the clause allowing use of DG sets operations for 2 hours per day to 60 hours per month or 15 hours per week where PNG is available, and to extend the period for implementation. Relaxations are required under the new GRAP until there is certainty of steady supply of electricity in industrial areas, which will lessen the requirement for DG sets.

Going ahead, we request the Government to roll back such stringent notifications which are not in favour of MSMEs and the people, said the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.