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Construction costs for industrial and warehousing spaces highest in Mumbai, Kolkata, according to Savills India report

Savills India

April 25, 2022: International real estate advisory firm, Savills India conducted a research to estimate the cost of construction for industrial and warehousing projects across India’s top eight cities and released their findings in its latest report titled – Construction Cost Guide. The prices of the most commonly used materials in construction were estimated across the cities to arrive at the overall cost. These materials include cement, steel, crude oil, copper, glass, wood and other materials required, along with labour wages.

According to Savills India, as of Q1 2022, Mumbai and Kolkata witnessed the highest construction costs at Rs 2,115 per sq.ft. for grade A warehousing space and Rs 3,295 per sq.ft. for a general manufacturing facility. This was followed by Pune that saw the costs at Rs 2,100 and Rs 3,265 per sq.ft. respectively.

Construction Cost (Rs per sq. ft.) – city wise for grade A warehouse & manufacturing facility as of Q1 2020 and Q1 2022

CitiesCosts (INR per sq. ft.) for Grade A WarehousingCosts (INR per sq. ft.) for General Manufacturing
 Q1 2020Q1 2022% ChangeQ1 2020Q1 2022% Change
Delhi NCR1,9152,0959.40%3,0103,2608.31%

Source: Savills India Industrial Research

Construction costs have increased due to rising material prices such as crude oil, steel, aluminium, cement, labour, equipment rental costs and costs of plumbing and fixtures. Additionally, COVID-19 has caused a significant shift in construction costs, resulting in slightly higher material costs and supply chain disruptions. However, when compared to its international counterparts, general manufacturing in Indian cities range from $ 453- $465 per sq. m whereas for Grade-A warehousing it ranges from $291-$299 per sq. m as of Q1 2022.


Srinivas N, Managing Director, Industrial and Logistics, Savills India said “Industrial and warehousing is one of the most resilient segments in India. The demand for industrial and warehousing facilities is expected to remain unscathed in the long term. We expect construction costs for industrial and warehousing projects to increase in 2022. However, the magnitude of growth is dependent on material costs, labour, equipment rental costs, interest rates and other related costs.”

Sumit Rakshit

Sumit Rakshit, Managing Director, Project Management Services, Savills India said “The COVID-19 crisis had minimal impact on construction activities of industrial and warehousing projects. In terms of increase in construction costs for general manufacturing, it ranges between 7.72% to 8.68% while grade A warehousing construction costs witnessed an increase between 9.26% and 10.44% from Q1-2020 to Q1-2022 across cities. This rise can be attributed to the increase in steel prices with other construction materials and commodities, including labour alongside additional provisions for COVID appropriate health and safety guidelines.”

In 2020-21, the construction sector contributed 7.6% towards the GDP. The projected increase in construction activity will further contribute significantly to the GDP in 2022-23.