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Construction skills training AN EVOLUTION by Dhiraj Jain, Director, Mahagun


Intelligence and skill are the most sought after work traits in this fast-growing construction and real estate industry; the need for skilled labour, therefore, becomes paramount. The effect of globalisation has resulted in a growing demand for world-class quality in workmanship to complete projects at reduced cost, coupled with speed and safety.

A structured training helps the workers to do the right thing first, in the right sequence, by using the right material. Structured training programmes are designed which imparts basic knowledge in areas like form work carpentry, bar bending and steel fixing, masonry (brick work & block work), plumbing and sanitary, electrical, scaffolding and much more.

The construction skills training focuses on reducing re-work and substantially cutting down wastage and costs for both contractors and developers, by teaching construction workers about cleaning up after the work. Trained workforce at all levels help in achieving quality control and customer satisfaction.

A skilled worker would benefit the construction industry through speedy completion of projects, sticking to quality because of good workmanship and reduce wastage of raw material. Structured training under skill development process enables both new entrants and less experienced workers in the industry, to progressively improve their knowledge and competencies in the respective trades. Moreover, it increases employability of the people and this is imperative for workforce of an unorganized sector.

This inculcates in them dignity of labour and creates greater awareness towards environmental, safety and health concerns. Additionally skill upgradation of construction workforce not only improves their capacity to earn and enhance their self-esteem but also contributes greatly to the development of a competitive construction industry.