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Cool office spaces for hot companies


Contemporary office and its architect have shown tremendous potential in attracting the genius minds at workstations.


Where do you spend your entire day? Is it worth spending your precious time there? Are you comfortable and satisfied? Think what bothers you!
Change your gray, bland and boring office by colourful paints and adding cool furniture by the help of design which does not costs too much and ensures the end result with smart look. To give a kick start morning and make the day more productive the workplace should have enough reasons to inspire the employee to do the job successfully. The unconventional workplace pushes the customers and prospective employees to take the company seriously.

Happiness Officer weblog takes a look at “seeeeeriously” innovative and creative office workspaces at companies. Many companies have buildings that are sleek, modern, architectural glass-steel-and-cement sculptures on the outside – and cubicle wastelands on the inside. These companies need to remember that most employees tend to work inside the building.

Most workers consider stable pay, job security and long-term employment contracts to be the most important characteristics of a ‘good job’. Office workers differ from the other workers in that office workers put a stronger emphasis on the quality and meaningfulness of work tasks and on the influence they exert on their work. Female and male full-time office workers show greater similarities in their perceptions than women working part time and full time in an office. This outcome can be explained by a similar educational background among full-time office workers. Educational attainment of women working part time is generally lower than that of women working full time.

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The average employee spends almost 2,000 hours each year at the office. That’s more time than almost anywhere else.  So, it’s critical to enjoy your work environment and make it a healthy and productive experience, both professionally and personally.


Innovative work interiors and environment have left far behind the cubicle cabins surrounded by white dull walls. Modern offices and its architect have shown tremendous potential in attracting the genius minds at workstations. One way to motivate and inspire the employees is to redesign cool office space which projects on comfort and betterment of employees. A likeable surrounding creates a desire among employees for coming to work.

 The Place of Your Own

  • Evaluate the office space i.e. a check of presence and absence of desirables
  • Arrangement of equipments that is productive instead of wasting on fancy artworks
  • Picking up the inspirational and motivational pieces to space around the workstations
  • Cover up the golden principles of design, which are harmony, cooperation, employee’s welfare and peace

To grease the employee’s efficiency, offices should be designed with mindful pieces such as paints of different colours and cabin’s structure should have comfortable chair with peaceful environment, which helps the person to implement and work upon the inventive ideas. Lot of company’s recruitment is being affected due to the uncomfortable and unfriendly environment; it conveys a wrong message to the candidate.

A sleek, modern, architectural glass-steel-and-cement sculpture on the outside drives the attention of the destined candidate but it might not convince him to work for long if it appears tired and ignorant from inside. The employee tends to work in a playful and organic place, which even benefits the organizations, as the production is high.

 Consequences of well-framed offices

  • Increases the productivity of the company and it helps in generating the revenue in large amount
  • Retains the employees with tremendous potential and equally contributes in grabbing the candidates with extra ordinary talent
  • Increases the innovative segment of the mind and it helps in widening of gray matter, hence employee’s efficiency gears up
  • Customer’s trust builds up in the company when the office spaces are unconventional

“Work is Worship” so why not make it a place where people come by their wish and desire, which will indirectly increase the productivity and it will enhance the quality of the organization. Cool office spaces help the organization not only grow financially but also achieve a rank among the fortune 500 companies. Ultimately the goal of the company is to improve the skills, personality and groom the individual to prepare him for the future challenges. Finally, physical space is essential because an employer’s imagination and creativity applied to job design have the potential to yield impressive results.

 (The writer is the CEO of Paharpur Business Centre)