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Court lifts ban on CLU licences for Gurgaon

Punjab and Haryana Court

The realty sector in Gurgaon got a boost on Monday when a Bench of the Punjab and Haryana Court lifted the ban on issuance of change in land-use licences and the acquisition of land for developing colonies in Gurgaon and adjoining areas.

The Haryana Government had argued before the court that the state was not required to take approval of National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB) for issuing CLU licences because it had prepared a sub-regional plan for the NCR area in conformity with the observations of the board.

“Once full compliance of NCRPB provisions for the development of the area has been met in the sub-regional plan, the development of the state cannot be at a standstill,” the state counsel argued while seeking relief from the court.

The matter had reached the court when one Rishi Dagar and others from Gurgaon filed a petition alleging unregulated construction and development in the district and NCR without the mandatory sub-regional plan from the NCRPB being in place.