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CREDAI Hyderabad elects a New Managing Committee Members and sets tone for the growth in the real estate sector in Telangana

Credai Hyderabad

The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) Hyderabad announced its newly elected office bearers and members of the Executive Committee, who will be responsible for spearheading and strengthening the CREDAI initiatives for the development of the Real Estate Sector in  Telanagana.

The real estate sector in Telangana has been showing a steady growth and Hyderabad and other districts have also registered impressive growth rates over the last one year. Telangana with its enviable international infrastructure, connectivity and employment generation potential has been on a rise and has all the potential of a sunrise state.

The newly elected team of CREDAI Hyderabad will be led by its President, Sri. S. Ram Reddy and the General Secretary, Sri. P. Rama Krishna Rao. The team includes Vice Presidents Shri Aditya Gowra, Shri G.Anand Reddy, Dr. M.S. Ananda Rao and Sri D. Murali Krishna Reddy, Treasurer Sri K. Rajeshwar,  Joint Secretaries Sri C. G. Murali Mohan and  Sri V. Rajashekar Reddy and the Executive Committee members who will all work together for the betterment of the real estate sector of Hyderabad. The team stated its key objectives for the year are to lay increased focus on consumer satisfaction and emphasis on adherence to ethical and building standards besides a continued and enhanced focus on Skill Development and adoption of new technologies for construction.

Outlining the agenda of the new Managing Committee Mr. S Ram Reddy, President, CREDAI Hyderabad said, “We are taking charge at a very crucial phase of the Real Estate Sector in Telangana State. The Real Estate sector in the state is on a threshold of rapid growth as the policies of the government under the dynamic leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri K. Chandrasekhar Rao are pro-industry and pro-growth that would give fillip to real estate sector. Contrary to the situation presented in some sections of the print media, the various initiatives by the Government of the state has helped many corporates to set up base and enhance their presence in the city. The state is growing faster than the national average in terms of its IT industry output and its per capita income is amongst the fastest growing in the country. We, at CREDAI Hyderabad, pledge our whole hearted support to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sri K. Chandrasekhar Rao, in realizing his avowed policy to raise the Brand Image of Hyderabad, and make Hyderabad a slum-free GLOBAL CITY and an Economic Engine of the State and hope that the government rapidly implements the proposed projects to facilitate rapid growth of the housing sector.”

He further added “The real estate sector in Telangana and Hyderabad has witnessed a remarkable improvement since the formation of the state. Hyderabad had a year on year growth of office space absorption of 109%, with an absorption of 1.3 Mn Sft in the period January 2017 to March 2017 indicating vibrant business sentiment in response to the proactive and pro-business polices of the Government. The state of Telangana has 4 out of the top 5 global tech companies based out of Hyderabad. Microsoft, Google Apple, Amazon, Uber, Salesforce, DBS, ZF etc. have set up remarkable offices in the city and have been scaling the employment index of the city. Besides Pharma & IT sector, Hyderabad is emerging as a global hub for Aerospace industry with players like Boeing etc. In the last 2 years, Telangana has given clearance to 3828 companies of which nearly 50% are operational. The new State has created additional 1,09,495 jobs in IT and 2,28,355 jobs in industry, and its GDP is increasing at 10.1%, second highest in the country.  This will definitely boost the demand for housing and give a major boost to the Real estate sector.”


Adding to this Sri P. Ramakrishna Rao, General Secretary, CREDAI Hyderabad stated, “The new team at CREDAI Hyderabad will focus on identifying growth areas and will work very closely with the government to get the policy stimulus that will help develop the real estate sector in the state and make it a model for others to follow. There have been reports in certain section of the print media raising concerns about the development and land allocation in Telangana State, however the transparency and efficiency for the approval process we have witnessed over the past couple of years is amazing. We complement and support the government in the massive exercise to integrate the different masterplans for the city and prepare a new master plan promoting more structured development and removing ambiguity in the records.“

He further added, “We will also be continuing our efforts towards skill development with various initiatives. We are also incorporating training programmes for marketing and other technical roles at our new office to further improve the services by our members. The present scenario is very critical, with the implementation of RERA and GST, the members will need to focus on building more efficiencies in the system. We are, however, confident that our initiatives will bring about a positive change for the rapid growth of the sector. The real estate sector is a significant contributor to the national GDP and one of the primary drivers of the economy as it provides employment for a very large part of urban and semi urban population and has a multiplier effect on many industries including some critical indicators of economic growth such as Iron & Steel, Cement, etc.   CREDAI new leadership team will be focusing on enhancing Brand Telangana & Hyderabad and initiate programs to push the current positive economic scenario leading to growth in further scaling up the state GDP.  The new body will deliberate in identifying some of the key policy reforms and governance required to encourage growth and enhance vision and values of progressive state.”

The real estate sector in Telangana has evolved over the last 2 years and the developers are offering customised and high quality dwellings to the customers.  There is a strong need to  provide impetus to  Telangana Property market  and position it as a lucrative investment option.  The CREDAI team will focus on creating a synergised approach for building a better & congenial environment to promote the growth of real estate sector in Telangana. CREDAI Hyderabad will focus on fostering growth and build lasting relationships with customers by offering trustworthy and reliable housing & commercial options. CREDAI will continue to support the government in their initiatives like Haritha Haram, where CREDAI not only planted 1 lakh saplings in an area of 200 acres in HCU campus but also committed to maintain it for the next 3 years.

The newly elected Office Bearers are:



Sri S. Ram Reddy, SMR Builders Pvt. Ltd

Vice Presidents:               

Sri G. Aditya, Gowra Ventures Pvt. Ltd

Sri G. Anand Reddy, Incor Infrastructure Pvt Ltd

Dr. M. S. Ananda Rao, Raghuram Infrastructure India Pvt. Ltd


Sri D. Murali Krishna Reddy, Empire Avenues Pvt. Ltd

General Secretary:

Sri P. Ramakrishna Rao, Manbhum Constructions Company Builders & Developers

Joint Secretaries

Sri C. G. Murali Mohan, Vertex Homes Pvt. Ltd


Sri V. Rajashekar Reddy, Gayatri Developers & Promoters


Sri K. Rajeshwar, Sai Soudha Shelters Pvt. Ltd

E C Members:           

Sri P. Mahender Reddy, Raja Pushpa Properties Pvt Ltd


Sri Nanganuri. Chandrasekhar, Tirumala Homes Pvt Ltd

Sri B. Pandu Ranga Reddy, Vaishnavi Infracon India Pvt Ltd

Sri Kothapalli Rambabu, JMR Promoters & Builders

Sri Nalamada Jaideep Reddy, Ashoka Developers & Builders Ltd.

Sri Pradeep B Reddy, Pradeep Constructions


Sri M. Srikanth, ACE Ventures India Pvt Ltd.

Sri Shivaraj S. Thakur, Colonial Constructions Pvt. Ltd.