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Danube Group to announce its new work week


December 9, 2021: Dubai’s building material, real estate and retail home furnishing company Danube Group announced their new work week cycle on Thursday starting January 01, 2022, in line with the UAE governments new directives of a shorter work week, the Group intends to retain its two-day weekend (on Saturdays and Sundays) rather than have a two-and-a-half one starting Friday afternoon.

The organizations workforce of 4000 employees will be provided a 2-hour break on Friday for prayers, their UAE head office will follow a Monday to Friday work week, weekends will be moved to Saturday and Sunday, the rest of their retail outlets and building material outlets will operate according to the markets.

Chairman and Founder of Danube Group Rizwan Sajan said “Moving our work week from Monday to Friday is extremely beneficial for us as we need to be at par with our global counterparts, the UAE government should be applauded for this move as their vision and strategy is to enhance UAE’S economic competitiveness, enhance well-being and boost work life balance, we as an organization will support this decision and make it work towards our favor, we have branches across 20 countries and this new work week will help us be aligned and allow smoother financial, economic and trade transactions”.