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Dasnac first Indian affiliate of Stanford University GPC

Dasnac Holdings, a knowledge-driven leader in property development in northern India, has become the first Indian business group to achieve affiliation with Global Projects Center at Stanford University.

Stanford Global Projects Center (GPC) is an interdisciplinary research centre at Stanford University that seeks to facilitate understanding of the financing, developing and governance of strategic assets that underpin dynamism and competitiveness in today’s global economy. GPC conducts interdisciplinary research to develop these strategic assets and facilitates engagement among academic, governance and industry leaders.

Dasnac has experience spanning over 15 million sq. ft. across development, engineering, architecture, and building construction. The company has remained focused on innovative and meaningful value creation across the real estate ecosystem. Dasnac’s predecessor and flagship business, Designarch, has been a leading engineering and architectural firm in the country for three decades.

Arihant Jain, Executive Director, Dasnac, said “We’re hoping to create breakthrough opportunities and research in real estate, infrastructure and energy through this partnership.”

Jain himself is an alumnus of Stanford University and decided to forge a synergistic link between his business and academic interests through this opportunity to partner with GPC.