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DDA to recycle water in transit projects


The Delhi Development Authority has reiterated that it has assessed the feasibility of its two latest projects–the land pooling policy and the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and these have been prepared after years of deliberation with various stakeholders, NGOs and experts working in the relevant field.

Due to the essential high-density mixed-use development nature of both the policies– local recycling and reuse of water–is bound to be much more feasible and cost-effective, it has stated. The body plans to focus on recycling and reusing water to make the project feasible.

“Residential units require more potable water (which can partly be recycled water) and generate less waste water. Comparatively, commercial developments require less potable water but generate more waste water (which can be recycled). Therefore the two uses are symbiotic and complement each other. Due to this, approx. 60 per cent of the overall water supplied can be reused even at local project level, with very little piping costs,” said officials at DDA.

Environmentalists have raised questions regarding the feasibility of high-density projects owing to the already problematic water stress and unavailability in the city. Most suggest the development of TOD projects not in the city but out-side it to reduce pressure on resources.

According to DDA, the TOD project at Karkardooma has been developed in a way that within the 2.7 MLD of ‘water budget’ already available from Delhi Jal Board, 21,000 residential and 27,000 employment population can be accommodated without demanding any additional water from DJB.