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With polling in Delhi coming to an end, all eyes are now on the results which are slated to be out on February 10. Team ‘Realty & More’ took a look at the key poll promises pertaining to real estate and infrastructure of the top contenders for the capital state. All the three parties – BJP, AAP and Congress seem to be more or less on the same platform when it comes to real estate, infrastructure and mobility. Their most common issue among all the three leading political parties of Delhi is regularisation of unauthorised colonies. Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has started work on this in the Central Government and has recently passed an ordinance on this. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Congress have also included this as the main agenda in addition to relaxation in norms for registering properties.

The second main agenda related to the sector is to make Delhi a ‘World’ class city. Dwarka, Rohini and Narela are already considered to be developed as a smart city. AAP, BJP and Congress – all have promised upgraded urban infrastructure to the entire city. AAP also endorses its vision to make Delhi a ‘solar city’ through which they are also promising extra income by selling generated electricity to the grid. In further, Congress has included balance development in their manifesto which is all about free movement of traffic and women safety, creating a safer environment in the city.

The third main agenda linked to real estate for political parties is ‘Clean Delhi’. With the Swachh Bharat mission gathering steam across India, political parties in Delhi seem to use this concept for drawing voters. Promising of proper sewage system, zero drainage problems, toilet for each home as well as in market places. While congress pledged more and more green buildings, APP promised waste management and banning of plastic bags.

Forth agenda is sheltered to everyone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s affordable housing dream is in the process of becoming a reality, AAP president Arvind Kejriwal has also talked about the same. AAP talks about 200 acre of land in the city which it promises to utilise for the affordable housing mission. Congress too also talks about its plan of providing housing for the weaker section and has promised to deliver 25,000 flats under this category.

All three partices promise the construction of new bridges, better healthcare, high-end security through CCTVs and more buses in the city. BJP has also included better lighting on pavements around markets and expediting the ongoing repair work to ensure more footfalls in their election advertisements. AAP went ahead a step further to involve the villages around Delhi to provide better infrastructure and basic facilities such as power and water.