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Diamond Drops’ new- techsantising agent

Diamond Drops

Diamond Drops, a new-age startup has launched first a cleaning and sanitizing agent that is produced with tap water, is eco-friendly and residue-free.


Diamond DropsThis natural oxidizer which kills 99.9 pc of the most common harmful microbes in just 30 seconds runs on a game-changing technology called Conductive Diamond Electrolysis that uses normal tap water to produce Activated Ozone Water which is a natural germ killer, said a press release. The product acts as a multi-purpose solution and can be utilized as a cleaner, sanitizer, and deodorizer.

Activated Ozone Water, added the release, is a product of water and electrical charge. The process creates one of the most powerful oxidizers on the planet, revolutionizing the way people clean, sanitize, and deodorizing the spaces. Using not only eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals, but it also eliminates the need to purchase multiple cleaning products, but the release also said.

Mr. Harish

Harish HP, Founder & CEO of Diamond Drops, said, “This is a very proud moment for us and we are very excited to launch this advanced technology that can create products with real impact. Through our technology, the sanitizing solution produced will have zero harsh chemicals, making it safer for people to use.”