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Editor’s Note

palash_royIt is time again to look back at the year gone by, to be proud of the achievements, learn from the mistakes, and make resolutions for the year ahead. This time there is a general positive sentiment as far as the real estate industry is concerned. We spoke to a cross-section of people across the industry and the common feeling is that the worst is over or is about to be over. There is a belief that 2014 will see new vigour and dynamism in the industry even as the clouds of despair lift to give space to hope. Leaders, experts and stakeholders of the sector are optimistic about the scenario that will emerge post the general elections due in April-May this year. The real estate industry is extremely hopeful that if expectations of a stable government are fulfilled, a new era of positive activity and prosperity will ease in into the industry. In this issue therefore, we examine the pros and cons of that situation and bring to you comprehensive forward-looking content developed by captains of the realty industry.

2013 was a year best forgotten by the real estate industry perhaps well-depicted by the falling share prices of the realty companies as well as the stocks of the listed allied companies. Since the turnaround is expected to be slow for the industry, it will take even more time for the share prices to turnaround. So how will 2014 be?

One positive and unanimous view for 2014 is on interest rates. The interest rates are seen coming down this year if we go by what the stalwarts of the banking industry say. This means EMIs on our home loans will come down.

2014 also promises a complete image makeover of the National Capital Region Ghaziabad if all goes as planned by the vice chairman of the Ghaziabad Development Authority, SK Yadav. In a no holds barred interview to Realty & More, Yadav unveils his plan of actions.

 2013 witnessed a trend of star endorsements by realty companies. Will they continue to shine in the advertisement campaigns of real estate companies this year too? What value have they added so far? We take a telescopic view. The New Year is a good opportunity to redo the Vastu of our home. Get handy tips from our Vastu expert.

Lastly, Bejan Daruwala tells you what is in store for you in 2014 Happy New Year & enjoy reading!!!