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Enrich married life with Vastu

Vastu married

Did you ever know, a prolonged exposure to a particular direction can impact your married life? Yes! Direction can play a significant role in making or breaking a harmonious relation. Vastu Shastra specifically dedicates each direction in the house to a particular family member based on their role, age and gender and that is how energy of that particular direction is harnessed by the individual, which helps him to grow in his respective field.

People who don’t pay much heed to Vastu Shastra, have their own reasonings for sour relation ascending between a couple, which may include compatibility issues due to different mindsets, tastes and liking, thought processes, mindsets etc. Up to certain extent that is true too but most of the times, residing in wrong Vastu direction acts as a catalyst in deteriorating the failing relation & shattering it completely. Conversely, occupying the direction recommended by Vastu can help restoring a frail relation remarkably.

Here are the recommendations offered by Vastu Shastra to enrich a marital relation with love, respect & stability-

  • Southwest is the direction defined for a married couple to reside in, whereas South and west are the second-best directions.
  • North east is the direction which if occupied by a couple, makes their relation unhealthy and unstable. There could be occurrence of frequent fights and misunderstandings, which leads to bitter relation. This is because northeast is the location of water element and is the most unbalanced direction when it comes to a relation. Like water has no shape and flows towards the slope, relations in this direction don’t find any stability, become too fragile and finally give up.
  • To maintain healthy relation between couple, rose quartz are magic crystals and should be placed on the bedside table. Rose Quartz restores love and harmony in a relation. Energy released by these crystals promotes opening up of heart chakra and boosts love.
  • Adorning south wall of the room with couple’s wedding picture also brings strength in their relation. Wall can be in shades of pink or earthy colors.
  • Having fresh flowers in the room, preferably orchids, again secures a healthy relation. However live plants in the bedroom should be avoided.
  • Any mirror reflecting bed in it should be evaded as it leads to conflicts between couples and disturbs sleep as well.
  • Extensive use of electronics and communication devices in the bedroom will only lead to stress, lack of energy and fatigue, which will impact marital relation in some or the other way.

Dr Aarushi

(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)