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Entrance door to your house

Rahul Sharma new

The main entrance point to your home is not only the entry point for family members but also for energy. For a house to become a home, it needs to radiate positive energy. The location of your entrance door, therefore, plays an important role.

Having the entrance at right direction gives positive and auspicious results. The main door situated in north and northeast brings lots of money and abundance of inherited or earned money for those who occupy it.


The entrance door in east brings money, success and the inhabitants closer to important people in the Government or with in position of authority, thereby, entrance pointreaping good personal benefits.

The west entry-door gives general happiness in life. Southeast and northwest entries are neutral.

We should avoid southwest entry because it gives rise to financial issues, debts and total wastage of efforts, no result.


The entrance gate should be maintained with utmost care as this is the gateway from which energies constantly go in and out. One should not place a shoe-rack or a dustbin near to the entrance.

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